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2 January 2013

This may be the most disjointed, uninteresting entry I have ever written.

I think it should be illegal to have a holiday on a Monday or Tuesday -- in the case of the New Year, it started on Monday (night) and slopped over to Tuesday.   I have spent all day today thinking I work tomorrow because I thought today was Wednesday.   I don't have a clue why.  It's confused even further because our garbage pick-up day is Tuesday and it's being picked up tomorrow 'cause they gave them today off to watch football or something.

I'm hoping that by Sunday, I'll be back on track again!

However, thanks to the iPad, I did something today I haven't done in years.  I sat and watched the whole Rose Parade.

The reason I enjoyed watching the whole thing was that I am now on Twitter, so I was following all the tweets people were making about the parade, and looking at the photos that Al Roker and Alison Sweeney were posting.  It added a new dimension, somehow, to the experience.

And I had my first celebrity message.  Let me try to explain to Mary (and others), who aren't on Twitter, how things work.  You write a message in 124 characters or less and post it.  I have been reading Twitter primarily to follow things like the fiscal cliff or other timely subjects, and surprised at how much more timely I get my news the last week or so.

But you can also send direct messages to someone, by using their Twitter handle.  If you wanted to send a message to me you would put @BeverlyASykes at the start and I would be sure to see it.

If someone else writes something you want to respond to, you can choose to "reply" and a box will come up for you to write your message and it was already have the name of the person you are replying to there.  @person.   You write your message there and it goes to them.

If you find something you really like you can "retweet" it, which means that you quote the original tweet and either just post it as is, or you can add a comment of your own.

Anyway, Mo Rocca, a writer, comedian and political satirist whom I know from his appearances on the radio show "Wait, Wait, Don't tell me" and as a commentator on the TV show, Sunday Morning, had written a tweet saying something like "years from now when historians look back on this generation they will call it the Meme generation."  I thought that was kind of funny, given my age, so I sent a tweet that read @MoRocca - Can you be part of the Meme Generation if you're 70?"

Next thing I know, this tweet appeared:  “: - Can you be part of the Meme Generation if you're 70?” Yes!"  Now, granted it's only one word, but MoRocca mentioned me publicly.  I thought that was cool.

I tell this long, rather boring story because I'm feeling bad tonight about something that happened this afternoon.  I was accused of saying things I never said and NOT doing things I never said I would do.  The accusations were unanswerable and I am feeling sad, angry, frustrated, and even more frustrated because I normally address things like this by writing in this journal, but for certain reasons, this doesn't seem the right thing to do this time around, so I'm trying to find something ELSE to talk about, but it doesn't take away the sadness in my soul at the moment, which distracts from writing about anything else.

I'm sure it will all have blown over by tomorrow and I'm pretty good at forgiving and forgetting, but it's going to take sleeping on it to get to that point, unfortunately.

(And no, it has nothing to do with Walt)

But I have the whole day ahead of me tomorrow, when I thought I was going to be working in the afternoon.  I'm trying to finish reading a Moliere play that is going to be discussed at the Shakespeare Book Club, to which I am invited for Saturday.  I was able to find the text of the play on line (which means it was a free download), and I managed to find a way to get it to a word processing program on the iPad, which makes it easier to read.

It's actually a kind of fun read so far and I hope to be able to climb under Polly and the quilt for a couple of hours tomorrow and finish it--I now have a day longer to finish it than I thought I did until I realized that today is Tuesday, not Wednesday.

I also have to figure out how to get a YouTube video onto my iPad.   There is a video I would like to show my mother when I see her this weekend and there is no available wifi where she lives (and I do not have 3 or 4G on the iPad), so I want it to be a stand-alone video.  I can get it to my desktop and just have to figure out how to move it over to the iPad.

That is not covered in my iPad manual, but I know there has to be a way I can do it.



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Starting my year tweeting the Rose Parade

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