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17 February 2013

On February 17, I will finally cross over the line into the 70s, so on that eve, I will do this meme, which l'empress reminded me she did back in 2005.  (Thank goodness for saved Christmas letters!)

30 years ago...

* Our children were still in school, and we were hosting foreign students (ultimately 70 from 14 different countries over 10 years)
* I was volunteering at The Lamplighters one day a week, Gilbert was my best friend, and we wrote Major General Hospital, which revolutionized Lamplighters Galas
* I was also working for Women's Health Associates, before it joined with Sutter, which ruined it.

20 years ago

* Walt and I returned to England and Ireland, visited Cousin Nora in Ireland and our friend Jane and her family in England
* We planned a huge birthday picnic for Walt's mother's 80th birthday (which was a big success)
* The Band Lawsuit was going hot and heavy and was nominated for a Sammie award this year (losing out to their friends, Mumbo Gumbo).  We attended a lot of Lawsuit concerts.

10 years ago

* I lost 85 lbs through Weight Watchers (and then gained most of it back)
* Walt and I went on a charity bike ride and I had my bike accident, which dislocated my shoulder and ruined my knee
* I went to Australia

8 years ago

* We were working with the SPCA fostering dogs and feeding orphan puppies
* I flew to Los Angeles for the re-opening of The Big Voice: God or Merman
* Walt and I went to Milwaukee for what I think was our last Netstock, and to St. Louis to see the first production directed by Gilbert's niece, Rachel Blackburn.

5 years ago

* We became grandparents -- Brianna was born!
* Jeri and Phil married in a beautiful beach ceremony presided over by Marta
* I met Tony Kahn at a taping of Says You in Los Angeles

3 years ago

* Walt and I went to Russia with the Blackfords on our first Viking Cruise
* I began sponsoring children through Compassion, International
* I attended my 50th high school reunion

1 year ago

* We took the Grand European cruise from Prague to Amsterdam with the Blackfords and then visited Jeri & Phil in Boston
* I started volunteering at Logos Books
* Lacie celebrated her first birthday...we now have two grandchildren!

So far this year I

* Have been thoroughly enjoying bonding with my new iPad
* Enjoyed time with Jeri, when she was here last month
* Started having weekly lunches with my mother

Yesterday I

* Met with Shelley about coming back to the Lamplighters history project
* Reveled in the beautiful blossoms in Berkeley
* Made a delicious tortellini dinner

Today I

* wrote the review for the show we saw on Thursday night
* am working on an article I will submit to the newspaper by Monday
* am trying some of the lovely tea I received from the owner of Logos for my birthday.
* Watched Gigi on TV and discovered that when he made that film and sang "I'm glad I'm not young anymore," Maurice Chevalier was 70 years old.    Sigh.

Tomorrow I will

* Turn 70
* Attend a birthday party for me, for Rich (who will be 75), and for Tavie (the first of our Pinata kids to turn 50)
* Wonder how I got to be this old so quickly.


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