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16 February 2013

....they pull me back in.

I thought we had taken care of the Lalmplighter History months ago, when Alison and I decided that our personal situations had made it difficult, if not practically impossible to continue.  Sadly, we submitted our resignation, with many apologies.

It's been a peaceful, stress-free few months.

Last week, I had e-mail from someone who has just taken over as the new coordinator of the project, asking if I had received a group mailing from her (I had not) and if I might consider coming to a meeting of the new committee and answering some questions about the project.

Alison and I had both been thinking that we would still like to be part of the project, but in a much smaller capacity, so I said I would be willing to come to a meeting.  The new coordinator and I agreed to meet today to discuss where we stood, and she wanted to get my feelings about what exactly needed to be done to complete the project.

We met at this great deli in Berkeley.

sauls.jpg (53431 bytes)

She's a friend, so we got caught up on stuff, but also had a productive meeting about the history project.  I made some suggestions, that Alison and I would be willing to write the book and perhaps to do a few more interviews, but my typing problems are making it difficult for me to do the heavy transcription I thought I would be doing, and Alison's time conflicts make it difficult for her to do the kind of research she thought she would be doing.  Giving up those jobs means that Alison and I have to compromise some things, but we are committed to doing the project and are willing to do that if it will get the project done.

So...we'll see what happens.  A meeting of the committee is to take place in a couple of weeks and we will discuss this with everyone else.   So...who knows...I may have been pulled back in again, just when I thought I was out.

It was a glorious day in Berkeley.  Spring has positively exploded there.

BerkTree.jpg (125560 bytes)

All over the city were these trees in full blossom.  These are, I believe, Japanese cherry trees, which do not bear fruit.

The weather was so beautiful (and I was only 30 minutes from finishing my audio book and wanted to start the next book before getting on the freeway) that I decided to drive around for a little bit, taking pictures.  This is the house we lived in when Jeri and Ned were babies and I was pregnant with Paul.

Ordway213.jpg (72179 bytes)

Looks pretty much the same as it did when we lived there!

On days like this, in the middle of the day before rush hour, with a good audio book playing in the car, the drive home again is really delightful and the whole day was such a nice one.


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