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2013 Christmas Letter

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24 December 2013

You've never really watched football until you've watched a 49er game with Tom.  It's more than a football game, it is a religion. He might have been baptised a Catholic, but his devotion is definitely for the 49ers!

The 9ers were behind when we arrived at his house and things were tense.  But it was early in the game.

This was to be the last game at Candlestick park.  I remember before there was a Candlestick park.  I remember going to Giants game in the new stadium that, no matter how warm the temps were in the city, funneled cold air from somewhere and no matter where you sat, by the end of any game you were chilled to the bone. But the 9ers are moving to a new stadium, a bit south of San Francisco, in Santa Clara, where presumably it will be warmer.

Soon after we arrived, the 9ers made a field goal that tied the game.  Tom started to relax, in his 49er Santa hat eating some pizza he ordered for the gang gathered to watch the game.

Then the niners got a touchdown.  There was much yelling, screaming, and high-fiving.  Bri, in the kitchen eating her dinner, came running in, glanced at the TV, and ran back to report the score to her mother (I was impressed that she knew where to find the score and what it meant!  I don't know why I was surprised; she's been a 49er fan literally from birth.  Lacie doesn't know half what Bri knew at her age [2] and seems disinterested in the game. Perhaps she will grow into it.)

Back at the game, things were starting to look tense, and Tom brought out the big guns--his Joe Montana shirt, autographed by Montana himself (his prize possession). The 9ers got another touch down,.

The game went on and toward the end it got tense again, but after a fumble by the Falcons and 89 yard return by Navorro Bowman, when it was pretty clear the 9ers now couldn't lose the game, Tom relaxed and enjoyed the rest of it.

There were high fives all around when the game ended.  It was clear that it was a very lucky thing the team won or else it might have been a bleak Christmas, but there is lots of joy in Mudville today.  I love watching Tom enjoy a 49er game!


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