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4 December 2013

Back in the late 1950s/early 60s, there was an organization which got lots of publicity.  It was called the Society for the Indecency to Naked Animals (SINA), whose aim was to clothe all naked animals, including pets, barnyard animals, and large wildlife.

It was, of course, a hoax perpetrated by comedian Alan Abel, but we were younger and more innocent then.  It was before the internet, winning sweepstakes tickets you never bought, and Nigerian royalty wanting to give us money. We were still a people who could believe that Martians could land and take over a city. SINA took on a life of its own with comedian Buck Henry posing as the group president, G. Clifford Prout

SINA actually had lots of ardent supporters and raised lots of money for the cause.  At one time the group claimed (falsely) that it had tens of thousands of members.

SINA.jpg (72061 bytes)

The hoax was finally sniffed out in 1963 by a member of Walter Cronkite's staff, during an interview with the newsman.  Henry was recognized and the jig was up, though Abel still kept the group going through its newsletter among people who had not heard of the Cronkite incident.

SINAnewsletter.jpg (25503 bytes)

(Kind of makes you wonder what you've missed lately, doesn't it?)

While the whole SINA thing was a hoax, I think that Abel missed a very real indecency situation that has plagued this country for years, indecency that has been perpetrated by the beloved Walt Disney right in front of our very eyes.

DonaldDaisy.jpg (9098 bytes)Look at how shocking this is.  Two naked animals cavorting in public rubbing tailfeathers with one another and all to the delight of thousands of young children.

Throughout the career of Disney characters there seems to have been a casual disregard to clothing vs. no clothing.  Mickey was clothed right from the beginning, in his first appearance as Steaboat Willie, but Donald came on the scene, pantsless from the start, and then brought his girlfriend along too.  She wore jewelry, a hair ornament and high heels, but where were her pants? And who were the parents of his naked nephews?

And then there is that whole naked cross-species thing.

PoohEyore.jpg (30857 bytes)

They are obviously very...uh...close to each other.  Eyore, may even be a cross-dresser, since all "he" is wearing is a pink ribbon.   Shocking.  Absolutely shocking.

If Disney was shocking, Warner Bros. took it to extremes.

BugsCarrot.jpg (9900 bytes)

The blatant sexuality of this picture cannot escape anybody looking for it with an open mind.  Or how about the message being sent by this naked couple:

PeppyLePew.jpg (41866 bytes)

And then there is that half well dressed bear stealing pic-a-nic baskets from people in national parks.  A hat and tie, definitely.  Pants, not so much.

Yogi.jpg (8815 bytes)

Perhaps Alan Abel was pulling everyone's leg with his attempt to clothe naked real animals, but I think  he overlooked a great source corruption to the country's children and a campaign he might actually have won.

When looking at indecency and what should be done about it, one should always keep in mind the tiny tots.


SINAWhiteHouse.jpg (98586 bytes)


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