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1 December 2013


Yes, after the months since 4th of July with the holiday season creeping into Costco, TV advertising, magazines, supermarkets, and ultimately other store shelves, it's finally December.

That means, it's time to find a new Christmas wallpaper, design a Christmas logo, sign up for Holidailies, and write our Christmas letter (to be linked once the family has approved it). I also reviewed my last Christmas show tonight (most of the beloved Christmas classics start in November, so by the first week in December, I've seen them all and I'm free and clear until the next year.)

Yesterday, my cousin visited my mother and decorated her apartment for Christmas.

AtriaTable.jpg (148177 bytes)

I went to see the decorations and to bring her the rough draft of the Christmas letter.  Now if I want to augment the letter to include information about her dementia, I don't have to feel uncomfortable about it, because she has the sanitized version.

AtriaAptTree.jpg (106738 bytes)I found her down the hall working a puzzle.  When we came back to the apartment, she pointed out that Niecie had set up a Christmas tree and that it was supposed to be lit, but it wouldn't light...and that she hadn't touched it, so she didn't know what was wrong.   Well, Niecie had told me she set it up on a timer, to run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.   I checked the tree (knocking it over in the process) and found that it had been unplugged.  My mother swears she didn't touch it.  Yeah.  Right.

I discovered the smart person I was in making a Snapfish book for her, with pictures of the great grandkids' last visit.  Every picture of the kids was labeled with their name.  Today was the first time she talked with me about the great-grandkids, and referred to them by name.  Be still my heart.  It will only encourage me to make more books whenever there is something I want her to remember!

In the evening, we went to opening night of the musical version of It's   Wonderful Life in Sacramento.  Over the years, I have come not to much like this beloved Christmas classic and I'm not sure that it was improved with music, but it was a good production and the audience gave it a much deserved standing ovation.   I can't let my own particular prejudices about the story color my review.

OldSacTree.jpg (116188 bytes)On the way home, we drove through Old Sacramento, which has its Christmas decorations all ready for December.  This big tree is at the edge of the area, right by the river, next to the Delta King paddlewheel boat, where we used to see plays, before the theater company moved to mid-town.

The buildings along the street leading to the tree are displaying bright colors, which reminded me that they do a light show several times a night in December, lighting up the buildings with color.

You know....?  I never could get into those light displays.   They do that at Niagara Falls, coloring the water in rainbow colors at night.   I wasn't interested in seeing the show when we were there, though Walt went, because it's a "thing to do" at the falls.  To me the grandeur of the falls is the falls themselves and I didn't want to cheapen them by seeing them in rainbow colors.

I guess I feel somewhat the same about the light show in Old Sacramento. Those historic old buildings (and reproductions of historic old buildings) are beautiful unto themselves and I don't need that beauty enhanced by a light show.

Call me an old poop.

But it appears that we are well and good into the Christmas season, with all the lights and gaudy displays that that entails.  Can't wait until all the houses get decorated so we can take my mother to see the lights.


OldSac.jpg (267683 bytes)

Old Sacramento


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