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31 August 2013

I am on a hunt to solve a mystery.  You may recall that I talked about how beautiful downtown was the night we arrived, with all the shops lit up like Christmas.  Well, in addition to the shops, it looked like there were leaves of light suspended everywhere.  How I wanted a picture of those leaves lit up.  I'm not going to get one, but I did get them in the daytime.  I've circled a couple so you can get the idea and if you look you can see other leaves surrounding the statue in the center.

I didn't think much about it until I was packing up today and noticed that the curtains in our room have a leaf motif, the desk has an inlaid leaf, the table has a leaf, the mirror is leaf shaped and there is even a cutout on the end table that is leaf shaped.  When we were down in the bar, I looked at the overhead lights and they were leaf shaped.

I was going to ask someone about it, but in all the confusion of packing the bus and leaving, I didn't and then tonight at dinner...well, look at the Dinner of the Day picture below and look at our main dish.  The vegetables are cut in leaf shapes.  Tomorrow I am definitely going to ask someone about this.

Char and I had a fairly quiet day.  Mike and Walt went off to a science museum.  Char and I finished packing up and checked out of the hotel, then sat in the bar for a couple of hours talking and playing with our iPads.  One reason we didn't get up is the chairs are so low that it practically takes a derrick to lift you out of it.  We were convinced this woman would never get up.

We finally did get up and go out to walk around a bit, but it started to rain, so we returned to the hotel.  Walt and Mike came back, reporting having had a wonderful time.  None of us was particularly hungry, but everybody decided that my potato pancakes (deruns) last night looked so good, they would have some too.

We finally boarded the bus and headed to the ship.  I took some pictures on our travels, but they aren't very interesting, and we will be in the same area again tomorrow, with better opportunity to take better pictures (and maybe even better weather). 

We boarded the ship and were played aboard by a guy with an accordion.

Our cabin may be the smallest we've had with Viking, but nicely compact.  Lousy for working on the computer, but there is this wonderful library, with lots of tables and chairs and plugs and cooler air conditioning than in the cabin, so I've chosen this is my place to work, though in a pinch I can be in the cabin too.  It amazes me that it's only 10:30 and there is nobody here but me!

They had a late lunch for us, but since we had just finished deruns we opted out, though Walt couldn't resist the carbonara sauce and I guess had some pasta to go with it.  At 7 we all gathered in the Sky bar, which is on the top deck, for a briefing.  (Aside:  I'm going to come home needing either knee surgery or some sort of cardiac care.  It's 4 floors up to the Sky bar, where all the educational stuff is held.  This is the first Viking ship we've been on without an elevator, and the steps are very narrow, so it's a real climb up and down.  I should be in great shape, if I'm not dead, by the time we get home!)

The briefing was nothing new.  Walt and Mike (I couldn't get a picture of him) really enjoyed it (I think the guy in front of Walt was napping too).

After the briefing it was time for dinner.  There are 2 dining room on this ship, and the Kiev room, the larger of the two, is almost next door to our room, so very convenient.  We hope to snag a table for 6 or 8 tomorrow, since we have found that when we take a table for 4, we never get to meet new people...and this is the most congenial crowd we've had on a Viking cruise.  But for tonight, it was just the 4 of us.

Char, the wine connoisseur asked to see the labels on the wine they were pouring and asked the waitress what the labels said, thinking it might be some vineyard she had heard of.  Can you guess?

The label on the left says "merlot" and the one on the right says "chardonnay" !!

After dinner we started to unpack and Walt noticed there were fireworks outside.  Our cabin is on the water side of the ship and Mike & Char have the dock side and we didn't alert them to the fireworks because we thought we would miss them if we did.

I tried convincing some other passengers that this was they way Viking welcomed us to the ship, but they weren't buying it.  Someone on the crew said that it's not a special holiday, so this was probably a wedding celebration.  Nice in any event.

Now I'm going to see if I can get an internet connection (it only connects for 30 minutes and I knew I couldn't get this written in 30 minutes) and then go to bed.  We have a full day tomorrow, but I'll write about that tomorrow.


I had such a good time making the collages of dinners last year
that I decided to make this the Dinner of the Day section.

Our first night on the ship we started with bruschetta,
then had honey melon with Ukrainian ham, followed by
butter fish in some fruit sauce and topped by veggies (notice how they are cut in leaf shapes)
Dessert was apricot ice cream with butterscotch sauce.
2 weeks of this.  A girl could get spoiled!

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