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17 August 2013

Today was the big day.  This is the day my mother has been asking about for about two months now.  This day she can remember.   Every day it's "When is Jeri coming?" "When is Jeri coming?"  

Well.  Today was the day.  I told my mother many times that she and Phil would arrive today, but that she would not see them until tomorrow because they would not arrive at the Sacramento airport until 11 p.m.

Walt, his sister, and the kids have developed this text shorthand whenever they are traveling.  Whenever they stop somewhere, they send everyone a one-word message, the word being the name of the place where they have stopped.  It's difficult enough for me to write in 140 characters.  To send a one-word text message goes against the grain.  Sometimes I do it, sometimes not.

But the first Jeri text message came around 2 p.m., when I was visiting my mother.  It said "Logan" and I knew they had made it to the Boston airport.

By the time I got home from visiting my mother, Jeri had had a chat with Walt, saying that they wanted pizza when they got home.  Their flight was delayed in Dallas so they had only enough time to switch planes and no time to get anything to bring on the plane for dinner and knew they would be starving by the time they arrived here (as it would, by that time, be 2 a.m. their time!)

She said Phil would love a Symposium pizza.  Symposium is our local Greek restaurant and they have very good pizza.  In fact, I forgot how good their pizza was.  It's not the typical crust that you get with Italian pizza, but something much lighter, crisper and oilier...probably more calorie-laden, since I like it so much!

So before our dinner, Walt went out and got a Symposium pizza for Jeri and Phil.  He got an extra large because he figured he and I would probably have some too, though we would have had a real dinner by the time they arrived.

At 10:30, Walt drove out to the airport and I cleared off the kitchen table in preparation.

Phil was thrilled that we had Symposium pizza.

PJPizza.jpg (97396 bytes)

Walt even had some beer in the fridge outside, so we all sat around eating pizza and drinking beer (except me, because I was still into water).

Jeri, who does not watch TV, had gotten interested in the TV show Smash since the recent class that she taught did all Smash songs at their concert and she wanted to know what the show was about, so she had just gotten the tapes at the library had a marathon Smash watching session, watching both seasons of the show, and we were talking about it.  Neither Walt nor Phil had seen even one episode of the show, so Walt started a conversation with Phil about football, which Jeri joined and Walt was (jokingly) upset that Jeri had switched from the girl conversation to the boy conversation.

We sat around chatting about theater and dogs and cars and I don't know what all until the Bostonians started to fade, badly.  By the time they staggered off to bed it was 4 a.m. their time.  We had all but finished the whole pizza by then, save for one piece.

Tomorrow morning after breakfast we'll go over to see my mother and on Sunday Ned and Marta are going to join us and we'll all go to the Sunday brunch, so we have a chance to all visit together.

The trip is going to be a whirlwind, since they have so much to accomplish and need to drive Jeri's new car back to Boston by a certain date.

I'm not sure what my mother and I will talk about after Jeri leaves, but it will be lovely for her to get a chance to visit with Jeri at least briefly.


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