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8 April 2013

LacieDress.jpg (83843 bytes)If yesterday was all about Brianna, today was all about Lacie...and she seemed to know it.   Her christening was held at the Lutheran Church in which Laurel was raised and Lacie was at her very best.  Not so much as a frown out of her through the whole christening itself, and then the Sunday service which followed.

She smiled and charmed everybody.

Brianna, taking a back seat today, managed to find her own way of getting attention.

BriGrin.jpg (68328 bytes)

It was a nice, brief ceremony.  Lacie's godparents are "Happy Steve," who officiated at Tom and Laurel's wedding back in 2003, and his wife Melinda.  Laurel's mother and stepfather were also on the altar during the ceremony.

altar.jpg (80154 bytes)

After the ceremony was over, we took pictures outside of Lacie with her godparents.

Godparents.jpg (72292 bytes)

It was a very windy day!

LWindy.jpg (72257 bytes)

A reception was held at Laurel's mother's house in Nipomo, which is about an hour and a half north of Santa Barbara.  Lacie was glad to get out of her christening finery and be a regular little toddler again.

LPlaying.jpg (66288 bytes)

We headed home around 2 and were home by 7:30.  On the way we finished the audio book, "The Sixth Man" by David Baldacci, which is an interesting book to listen to when you fade in and out of consciousness (me, not Walt!).

It's good to be home and I am about to gratefully climb onto the couch and get some real sleep!



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