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7 April 2013

Brianna's birthday party last year was all fairy princesses, and a beautiful cake with Disney princesses on it.  This year the Leggo company has been producing cartoons using its Leggo Star Wars characters and Darth Vader is the hero of the day at Bri's nursery school.  Thus, our sweet little Shirley-temple like Brianna had requested a Darth Vader party theme.  And that it was.  In spades.

Laurel, who had almost NO voice from a very bad cough, had been up very late making a Darth Vader cake.

(She has far exceeded me in cake decorating expertise!)

The party was held in a park in downtown Santa Barbara.  The kids had been invited to wear costumes, and some did.  There were two Darth Vaders hovering over the potato chip bowl, Brianna and her friend, whose name I cannot remember.

There was a storm trooper...

...and even a UPS delivery man.

Because the Yoda ears didn't fit, Lacie was ObiWan Kenobi instead.

Even Mommy got into costume.

For lunch there was pizza.  LOTS of pizza.

After which there was a Death Star pinata, which the kids hit with light sabers (of course).

To get their goodie bags (which were leftover fairy princess bags from last year!), the kids had to go on a hunt for a Darth Vader box (Walt called it the "hidden immunity idol).

Then there was cake.

(the candles and light sabers were made of Leggo)

When it was all over, Walt and I had an errand to run, and then met everyone back at Tom & Laurel's where we could watch Bri open her presents.

We had given her a Darth Vader wristwatch and a 49er lunch box (both on her wish list) plus some stuff I'd picked up in Monterey recently. 

She also got a lot of other Star Wars related stuff, like Storm Trooper mask, lots of Darth Vader paraphernalia and games and, incongruously, feather boas for dress up!

But ironically, the thing that got the best reaction was the card we had given her which plays a hamster dance song.  She played that over and over and over again, laughing hysterically each time.

As for Lacie, she had a great time and tried to get into mischief whenever she could.  This was her face when she had been writing on her arms.

Before we left, Laurel mentioned that Brianna was collecting the state quarters to put in a book and asked if we ever had quarters, to check them and if she needs a certain state, send them to her.  It just so happens that I carry about $12 in quarters in two 35 mm film canisters so that I can use them if I need to fill a parking meter.  I checked my quarters and found a lot that Bri was missing, so we spent some time filling in her book.

We brought pizza back to Alice Nan & Joe's for dinner and they watched basketball.  Not a fan, I was frustrated that I had (a) left my kindle at the hotel, (b) left the earphones for my iPod at the hotel, and (c) left my iPad at the hotel!  Nothing to read anywhere.  I realized how addicted I am!!!

But eventually we returned here.  Last night was a good sleep night in the hotel room's recliner and I am hopeful that tonight will be a repeat.

All things considered it was such a fun day and I think Brianna had a great birthday!  Tomorrow is Lacie's Christening.




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