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27 September 2012

I am a member of SwapBot, a place for people who like to exchange things with other people to meet.  Not being "crafty," I'm not into sending knitted whozits, crocheted whatzits, or hand made geegaws, but I do join swaps that are of postcards or pen pal letters.  I recently started keeping a 6 week journal (written in a student's Composition Notebook). 

The other kinds of swaps I have done before is the chance to publicize your own blog.  You visit partners' blogs for a bit, then write about them in your own blog, telling what you liked (or didn't) about the blogs and why. 

This is about the third or fourth of these blog swaps I've joined but as the time has passed since partners were assigned, I find I am on the horns of a dilemma.  I'm not sure why either of the women involved decided to participate.

The first blog, My Wonderland Adventure, had no entries at all for the first two weeks after we were assigned (September 2).  I finally wrote to her on September 15 asking if she was going to be writing some entries.  She apologized and said that she would, and she did post a couple of entries, photos of mail she had received or sent, an announcement of a swap she was hosting, and a short review of another blog (ironically, the same blog I was reviewing) but nothing for the past week or so.  Every person has his or her own idea of what their blog is to be, and I certainly have no problem with this kind of approach to blogging, an entry every week or so, but it's not the kind of blog that is likely to find a following, and there's not much to say about it.

The second blog is written by a woman in Romania.  It's called beauty2go and seems more an advertisement for beauty products.  Her latest entry was September 10, before this swap began, and is her home-made treatment for oily skin, including before and after pictures

malaiba.jpg (20449 bytes)

Other entries are just lists of products she uses, along with photos of the bottles or boxes.  I also wrote to her on September 15 to ask if she was going to update her blog, she said she was going to, but it's two weeks later and still nothing new.

This may be a blog which appeals to people who use lots of "product," but as someone who uses nothing (letting my natural beauty shine through, dontcha know!), this is not a blog that I would have any interest in, even if she does start adding entries to it.  As with the other blog, each person decides what their blog is going to be, but my reason for reading a blog is to learn something about the person writing it, and I know nothing about either of these women.

Trying to find something blog-related to write about on this swap, I decided to visit the blogs of the people who were supposed to review me.   The first one only wrote one entry since the partners were assigned, and it was her review of her two blogs.  "these two very interesting women each have a blog in which they write about important things that happen in their lives. It is very interesting and I loved reading about the different things people do and the photos that they take instead of my own life."  It lacks something as a "review," but was better than nothing.

The second, Smadronia's Adventures, is the only one of the four that was satisfying to read, her latest entries a multi-part narrative about a vacation she has been taking.  Written well, with fun photos.

I'm disappointed about this round of blog-promotion swaps and wish there had been more interesting blogs to read.  The swap doesn't end for a week, so maybe something will happen and my two partners will produce something worth writing about.

It was a moderate day at Logos yesterday.  A lot of people wandering through the store, a moderate number of books purchased.  One guy was looking for books about Africa, since he is about to go on a vacation soon.  He picked up "Out of Africa."  I suggested the "Ladies #1 Detective Agency" series, which he knew about, but it is set in Botswana and he won't be visiting that country.

He was wearing a Nuremberg shirt and I asked if he had visited the city, which he had not (the shirt was a gift), but we talked about what I learned when there about German teaching young people about Hitler and the Holocaust.

I had set soup to simmering all day while I was at work, just one of those "toss everything in the crock pot and see what happens."  I had a "mystery bone" in the freezer to use and then lots of veggies, including my first crack at cooking kale, which Jeri keeps telling me I should use more. 

The result was tasty.  Not sure I was blown away by the kale, but it was edible.


buttcrack2.jpg (197102 bytes)

Not sure which was the most noteworthy at the bookstore today -- this person,
or the man, dressed all in white, with a shopping bag from Nugget Market on his head,

cut into the shape of a hat (but I didn't get a picture of him)


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