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26 September 2012

Yeah.  Yeah.  I know how Jeri is going to feel about this entry...but I also know how Ned is going to feel about this entry.

As I do every morning, I checked which TV programs were scheduled to be recorded on our DVR tonight.  I remember when Ned told me that getting a DVR would change my life, and it has.  Not only can I watch things without commercials (which you used to be able to do with OnDemand, but now you have to sit through them...no fast fowarding allowed!), but I can also set a series recording for a certain program, say Grey's Anatomy, for example and it always records new episodes...this season...and next season...and forever.  I don't even have to think about when the new season is starting.  My DVR knows.

There are great shows now, that I follow regularly, during the summer season.  Shows like my very favorite, White Collar and Royal Pains.   I watch a lot of NCIS, Criminal Minds and Law & Order SVU marathons during the summer.

But I do miss the shows that are on hiatus and when the new fall season starts it's always very exciting.

This morning I checked today's scheduled programs and there they were!  All my favorites were back!

Tonight it's the new season of NCIS and Private Practice, as well as the second night of the new season of Dancing with the Stars (haven't decided how I'm going to feel about this season.  Of course the dancing is ging to be much better...but I always liked watching the klutzes learn how to dance and we'll miss that this time around.)

Tomorrow night we have Criminal Minds, Law and Order SVU, and Modern Family.  Modern Family is a newcomer to my recordings.  But it's such a funny show.  I think it's interesting that the Romneys, who are so against gay marriage (and other gay issues) have both said it is their favorite show.  How do they feel about Cameron and Mitchell being 2 dads, this candidate who adamantly insists children should be raised by a mom and a dad.  Do they think they are a "real family"? How would they feel about the two men getting married, these leading characters in their favorite TV program?

CamMitch.jpg (135326 bytes)

But I digress.

Next we have Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal.   I don't know which season of Grey's Anatomy is starting this year,but I've watched it from the very first episode and still love it.  Scandal's first season went by so quickly, it hardly seemed like there were any episodes at all, but it hooked me and I'm looking forward to the new season starting this week. As for Big Bang Theory, there probably is not a funnier show on TV these days.  Those Geeks are just perfect.

Grimm and Once Upon a Time are starting again too.   Love both of those shows.  Grimm, about the detective who has the ability to see the monsters who walk among us disguised as normal humans (except for his boss, who somehow he is not able to identify) and fight to destroy them. Once Upon a Time, that wonderful fantasy where all of the fairy tale characters are now trapped, living normal lives in a little town called Storeybrooke in Maine.  Nobody remembers being a fairy tale character except the evil queen who put them all under a spell because she was angry with Snow White, and the complicated and mostly evil Mr. Gold, Rumplestiltskin in the fairy tales.

OnceUpon.jpg (115885 bytes)

The Good Wife and the Mentalist are also starting again.  I have half-followed Good Wife, but have missed a lot of episodes (I frequently catch it OnDemand because it conflicts with something else at its regular time), but I love The Mentalist (my mother's current favorite show) and wonder what the evil Red John is up to this season.

I haven't decided if I'm going to continue following Major Crimes, the Closer spin-off.  So far the best thing it has going for it is the relationship between the foster kid and Captain Raydor.  As for the actual crimes themselves, I think the writing needs to be better if I'm going to stick with it.

My new favorite new fall show is Homeland, and I'm thrilled that it received such recognition at the Emmys the other night.  This show has more twists and intrigue and complex characterizations than you can shake a stick at.

There are new shows which may become favorites.  It's already week 3 for the new Matthew Perry comedy, Go On about a grief support group.   I was leery because I thought it would be broader comedy than it is, but it has a depth and a sweetness. I love Perry in this new role. 

I'm less enthusiastic aboutThe New Normal, about a gay couple hiring a surrogate to bear their child. This show is entirely too drama queen-ish right now and the gay guys could not POSSIBLY be more gay, unless they were wearing boas and high heels.  I would like to see a bit more realism, but I'll give it a couple more weeks. They need to take lessons from Modern Family.  It's good to see a loving relationship between gay couples, but sometimes these guys play into every conservative straight person's worst fears.

I gave up on the dystopian Revolution in week #2.   Didn't grab me.  I'm looking forward to the modern-day Sherlock Holmes, Elementary and what looks like the dark version of Fantasy Island, 666 Park Blvd.   Terry O'Quinn has the lead role and I enjoyed him so much in Lost

But it's fun to see a full schedule of programs to be recorded.   I can settle in and breathe easy for the next several weeks.


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