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15 November 2012

Last night Walt looked at the printer and, like me, couldn't figure out where to start trying to find the paper that was stuck in it.

We both periodically had another look at the printer, but at the end of the day, the paper was still jammed.  The problem was that you could not see it anywhere (it was too small) and, without a mental image of how the machine looked inside, neither of us was brave enough to try to remove parts.

This morning Walt looked at it again.  We both scratched our heads.

Walt asked where the disk was that came with the machine, which had the user's manual on it.  I didn't know. We couldn't do anything until I found the disk.  That meant cleaning off my desk (which I had just piled with everything from the floor that allowed Walt access to the printer in the first place).

I couldn't get to it right away because my friend Joan had asked if I could drive her to her doctor's office.  We drove out and I let her off, then parked the car in a shady spot and spent some time reading my book while waiting for her to come out.

It was a great way to read without feeling guilty about anything.   There was no chore I should be doing because I wasn't at home.  Guilt-free reading and I got a big chunk of my book finished.

Then off to the store.  I only had two things I needed to pick up, and I never did figure out the second thing, but bought juice, which I thought we were about out of (so that must have been the second thing), only discovered we had half a gallon of it at home, so I still don't know what I meant to get.

When I got home, I needed to look for the disk, but somehow a nap seemed more important, so I took nap (I am so good at finding ways to procrastinate, even when it's the put off doing something that I want to do!).

When I got up, I moved enough crap from the desk to determine that I didn't know where the disk was.

So I went on line to see if I could find a copy there.  I read the model number of my printer, MG5720, and was frustrated that I could not find it on ANY Canon web site.  I took a closer look and it was my eyesight.  My model was actually MG5220.  Amazing what a difference that made.

I found the manual and downloaded it.  It was an .exe file.  

After it was downloaded, I executed it and it downloaded the manual...and I didn't have a clue where it stored it, so I had to do a search of my computer trying to find it.  That only took two searches and about 20 minutes, but eventually I did find it and finally, I had a manual.

There is almost no light in my office, so Walt was trying to check the on-screen manual, hold a flashlight, and fiddle with the back of the printer, but eventually....SUCCESS!  The offending piece of paper was found and easily plucked out and the printer works again.

Walt is my hero!

Now all I have to do is find my cell phone, which has been missing all day.

Or maybe I'll take another nap first.


Five minutes after I wrote about my cell phone, it rang, and it was sitting at my elbow.

I am very dumb.

As I went to feed the dogs, I remembered what I had not gotten at the store:   we are out of cottage cheese, which I mix in with the dogs' kibble.  I had to melt some peanut butter ad add that instead, which they loved, but which is (a) expensive and (b) not as good for them as the fat-free cottage cheese they usually get.


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While Joan was at her doctor's appointment, I sat outside
under the beautiful fall color trees, and read my Kindle.

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