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12 November 2012

(Imagine the title being read with lots of reverb by Al Roker)

We enter a sports universe whenever we come here.  The TV here (which isn't on much) is tuned to football, doesn't matter which game.  Joe is in football pools, so he's interested in all of the games.  I have no cause to complain, I who have seen every episode of NCIS, Criminal Minds, and Golden Girls just because there is nothing else on.  But this is not my usual milieu.

There was a football game on when I went to bed last night and a football game on shortly after I got up this morning.  We watched football until time to go to Tom and Laurel's to watch the 49er game.

When we arrived, Tom was deep in conversation with Bri, giving her the names of the quarterback and the receiver who would likely be playing today.  I will say this about my son (among many good things I could say about him).  I absolutely LOVE the relationship he has with both of his daughters...and what an incredible father he is.

And Bri just eats this stuff up.  She can't really last through a whole game, but when it starts, she gives it rapt attention and she knows more referee calls (with hand signs) than I ever knew.  She also could name most of the football teams with names of birds, which was pretty impressive.

I also loved the mirror image of father and son (and granddaughter) watching the game.

Lacie isn't quite into the whole football thing yet, though she does have her wardrobe of 49er outfits...the fur hat isn't part of the ensemble, though.

As the game got more exciting Bri, who had been spending a lot of time looking for attention anywhere other than the game that was going on, got into the spirit of the thing and was yelling "Go, Alex, GO!" meaning receiver Alex Smith, the name she remembered.  We decided not to tell her that he had been taken out of the game earlier with a concussion!

Instead, everybody started yelling "Go, Alex" along with her.

Lacie's not quite sure she understands what's going on yet!

Toward the end of what would ultimately be a tie game, as the Rams were getting uncomfortably close to the end zone, Bri stood up and started yelling "DE-fense!" and then leaping off onto the floor.

(It must have worked because the Rams never did get a winning touchdown)

When the game finally ended, after more than four hours, we decided to let the girls calm down and Tom and Laurel have a less frenetic dinner.  The rest of us went to a restaurant for dinner and then came home....I don't think there is a football game on tonight....


How to get a baby sister to laugh:  Hang upside down in front of her.

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