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6 November 2012

It is 2:30 a.m. and I have gotten up specifically to write this entry, hoping that I can go back to sleep afterwards.  It's the third time I have awakened, since I first went to sleep at 10, unable to keep my eyes opened.  The dogs are looking at me as if I'm out of my ever-lovin' mind.

We went to the party that we thought was last week tonight. Amazing what a difference it makes when you come on the right day!  We figured we had to be on the right day when we parked behind a car with a license plate holder that read "I'd rather be reading Jane Austen."

The house looked very welcoming, with the leftover Halloween scarecrow to greet us.

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When we got in the house, there was the noise of happy people mingling, and Peter was wearing shoes.  More good signs!

"Please come and eat," Susan begged.   "People are drinking wine, but nobody is eating."  Needless to say, I didn't need a second invitation and headed for the food table.

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I must have given a wonderful example because by the time we left, two hours later, there was very little food left.

This was the first time I was meeting any of the other volunteers at Logos.  We each work our solitary shifts, but don't have any reason to interact at all.  I did meet one woman once, at the store's 2nd anniversary celebration, but she wasn't at the party.  Some of the people there were former volunteers, a couple were neighbors, and two were artists who have shown their work at the store (which features a local artist's paintings every couple of months or so).

I chatted with Harrison, the 20-something manager of the shop, who takes over when Susan and Peter are out of Davis.  He's a delightful, if quiet, person and we talked about a cruise he had taken up the inland passage to Alaska, the cruise I still want to take some day.  He said it was the only cruise he had ever taken and that he had loved it.

I don't "stand" well for long periods, so I ended up being the first person to choose a chair and sit down.  A woman named Bridgit looked relieved that someone was sitting and immediately came to sit next to me.  What a delightful woman!  She is one of the "former volunteers," claiming, good-naturedly, that she was the only volunteer to ever have been "fired."  She explained that she was one of the first volunteers but in the summer when UCD students were looking for volunteer opportunities to punch up their resumes, she had given up her slot to a younger person.

She and her husband, who appear to be at least our age, and probably older, had just come back from a kayaking vacation and I was amazed.  That is like suggesting Walt and I go kayaking for a week.  Walt could do it, I have no doubt, but getting this fat body and these aching bones into a kayak...and then remaining upright for more than a few seconds boggles the mind.  But she did it and laughed about how the guides actually pulled her out of the kayak each day because she couldn't get out herself.

A woman came to introduce herself to me and tell me how much she has enjoyed reading my reviews over the years, which was very nice to hear her say.

We were joined by others and talked about our love of working at Logos and the books that we have found there.  I discovered we all had some of the same favorite books from our youth, books like "Marjorie Morningstar," the Nancy Drew books and others.  I decided that one of these days I'm going to read a Nancy Drew book at the store, just for nostalgia sake.

Eventually Brigit and her husband prepared to leave and I moved to the couch, with Walt and a couple of other people.  One of them was the artist who had displayed his paintings at the store a couple of months ago.  What a delightful man!  Though he studied art in college, "life" intervened and he ended up working in a regular business until he retired.  He rediscovered his love of painting at the Davis Senior Center, where he is the only person now working each week in oil (he says the women don't like the smell of the paints and the oils and prefer to work in watercolor).  Art is obviously his passion and it was so nice to watch him talking about his work.

As we left the party, I realized that I had actually talked to people without feeling self-conscious.  Susan and Peter were gracious hosts, as I knew they would be, and I realized again why I love working at Logos, and working for these lovely people.

Now maybe I can get back to sleep, though perhaps it is not the undone job of writing this entry that has been waking me up, but the terror of realizing that today is election day and the fear of the possibilities out there.

Trying to think positive.  (It was also nice to realize that everyone at the party seemed to be feeling the same way I do about the election, and hoping for an Obama win, fearing a Romney one!)

Get out there and VOTE, everyone!


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