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14 May 2012

MDKissCook.jpg (75658 bytes)"I guess we should get together or something, since it's mother's day," Ned said, graciously, last week. 

I suggested we go to my mother's, as usual, and then called to let her know we would be coming.  She said she would pick a restaurant and make reservations for brunch."

"Feh.  Restaurant," Ned said.  "I'm cooking."

And so he picked me up this morning and we drove to my mother's, where he cooked us a wonderful brunch.

(I should mention parenthetically here that the reason Walt had not joined us for the event was that he has been in London, and was getting ready to fly home.

I had an e-mail from him in the morning, wishing me a happy mother's day, and letting me know that he had been on stage last night.  Apparently he went to see a play, One Man, Two Guvners and during the play, one of the actors brought two people, Walt one of them, up on stage to help carry a trunk.  Here he travels all the way to London and ends up being a stagehand, just like he has been here!!  But I've been telling everyone he made his London stage debut.)

But back to Mother's Day.

My mother was in 7th heaven.  What she loves more than anything else is to be surrounded by living things (plant variety).  Her house looked like a real conservatory.

MDFlowers.jpg (76710 bytes)

The flowers in the front are from her garden, those in the back are from my cousin Denise, and the ones between the two couches were sent by Jeri.

MDRose.jpg (60367 bytes)

Here she is describing the prolific rose bush in her back yard, which is keeping her house filled with flowers.  This one.

MDBush.jpg (114309 bytes)

Ned finally let us know that breakfast was ready and we came to find a sumptuous feast.

MDBrunch.jpg (75086 bytes)

There were scrambled eggs with cheese, English muffins, lots of bacon and fruit salad, plus Greek yogurt mixed with Grape Nuts cereal, and, to drink, Mimosas.

MDToast.jpg (56111 bytes)

Though it may look like a Cousins Day photo, the third hand in this picture is Ned's, not Peach's!  Happy Mother's Day to us both.

While we were there, I had calls from both Jeri and Tom and got to talk to Bri for a few seconds before the lure of the Etch-a-Sketch called her away.   Walt's sister had called earlier.

So, it was a good Mother's Day.


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