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7 May 2012

We went to the most marvelous party today!  Our friend Pat was turning one of those big "zero" numbers and so her daughter invited a bunch of us to the Linde Lane Tea Room in Dixon, about 10 miles from here.  We have known Pat for most of the time we have been in Davis.  She was Jeri's piano teacher for 12 years and she and husband Bud were involved with the Davis Comic Opera Company and attend our annual New Year's Eve parties.

We tried to get there before 1:30, the posted time for the party, since the invitation said it was a surprise, but as we were parking, we saw Pat and her family walking toward the tea room.  We waited outside until she'd gone inside.

Inside is a delightful place.  Tea rooms seem to be all the rage these days, and they all seem to thrive on a quaint and "lovely" (there is no better word for it) atmosphere.

The first thing you see on entering Linde Lane is this giant tea cup, reminiscent of Disneyland, but made for adults.

PLTeacup.jpg (74319 bytes)

There were too many of us to fit in this little cup, though, so we were sent off to this room at the back of the restaurant,

PLTearoom.jpg (64579 bytes)

which was lit by the most amazing chandalier.  We thought Liberace might have thought it a bit over the top.

PLchandalier.jpg (67519 bytes)

Pat's daughter poured champagne for everyone, and her son (who had flown out to California to surprise his mother) offered the toast.

PLToast.jpg (54324 bytes)

We had the Royal Tea

PLLunch.jpg (97504 bytes)

which started with sorbet and shortbread, then a delicious salad with some sort of fruit bread croutons.  That was followed by a bowl of corn chowder and the "meal" included an open face cucumber sandwich, a ham and cheese wrap, two finger sandwiches (one salami, one egg salad), a delicious scone with clotted cream and jam, and then 3 tiny desserts, one a coconut cookie, one a black forest cake and tasted like a very dense brownie.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, especially the guest of honor.

PLNanci.jpg (53573 bytes)

Happy Birthday, Pat.  Thanks for letting us share your celebration!  If I had been sent to write a review of this event, I would have given it 5 stars out of 5.


PLPrincess.jpg (81008 bytes)

The sign behind her says "It's not easy being a princess" ...
but I dunno...she seemed to be enjoying it anyway!


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