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My 70th Year



21 March 2012

My legs didn't want to stand up this morning.  I was feeling muscles I hadn't felt in a long time.

It's not that I ran a marathon or climbed a mountain.  All I did was unpack boxes for about 3 hours, but remember I spend my life sitting down -- in front of a computer, in front of the TV, at the table.  I don't stand, bend and/or stretch for extended periods of time and my body knows it today.

Ned and Marta are moving into their new house, closer to downtown Sacramento.  

NMHouse.jpg (92557 bytes)

Walt called and said we'd like to come and check the place out, so in mid-afternoon, after the bulk of stuff from their old house had been moved to their new house, we showed up.  There was a big moving van parked in front of the house.

NMTruck.jpg (97741 bytes)

The house was, of course, filled with boxes and Marta put us to work unpacking boxes for the kitchen, while she tried to figure out where everything was going to go.

NMKitchen.jpg (74475 bytes)

The movers moved out the fridge that came with the house and moved Ned and Marta's own into the kitchen.

NMFridge.jpg (46706 bytes)

Walt's task for the rest of the day was switching the doors so that instead of opening on the right, they now open from the left.  It involved a trip to RiteAid, which is only half a block away, to get a Philips head screwdriver, since Ned had left his toolkit back at the old house.  (He did discover that a crucial tool in removing the old hardware was a corkscrew!)

NMWalt.jpg (67602 bytes)

By the end of the day, they at least had the living room set up so they could relax after a day of unpacking boxes...

NMLR.jpg (65726 bytes)

...and my Uncle Paul's statue had a new home, on a shelf above the fireplace.

NMStatue.jpg (56949 bytes)

The emptied boxes were stacked under a tarp in the back yard, hoping to keep them from the storm that is coming.

NMYard.jpg (99870 bytes)
(That's their landlady, building a fence)

We finally hit the wall around 8 p.m.  I was unpacking a huge box of glasses and cups, about my third box of glasses and cups, and saw that the next box was labeled "Kitchen: glasses and cups." (Trust me, these guys have enough glassware and cups to start their own restaurant!)

Marta was ready to go back to the old house and have a soak in their hot tub and I just wanted to come home and collapse.  Unfortunately, in our haste to leave, I left my cell phone behind.  I felt naked this morning!

It looks like it's going to be a nice house for them, and once they move Bouncer (dog) and Porter (cat) in and get some more boxes unloaded, I know they will make this house the same "home" that their old one was.

Cousins Day tomorrow


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