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19 March 2012

Many of these are rather offbeat questions.  This one was (mostly) fun.

1. What is your most annoying habit?
What's most annoying to me is my uncanny ability to knock things off of flat surfaces just by walking across a room.

2. What habit would you change of your partner? (come on no-one is perfect!)

Nuh-uh.  Not gonna get me to discuss THIS one!

3. Horrors or Chick Flicks?

Given only these two choices, I'd say chick flicks, but really I prefer good dramas to either horror or chick flick.

4. What is the most outrageous thing you have done in the back row of the movies?

Outrageous?  Me?  I never did anything outrageous in the back row of the movies! (Except maybe nod off during a boring film)

5. When have you lied to get a job?

I told Dr. G that I could easily pick up medical billing.  Bwahahaha.  That was the part of my job that did me in every time.  I never did feel comfortable doing it.  It wasn't an outright lie, but I was definitely delusional when I said it.

6. What one thing is on your list to do before you hit 30, 40, 50 or whatever significant birthday is next?

Well, I've passed 30, 40, and 50 and am looking at 70.  I've pretty much done most of the things I wanted to do by this time, other than some bucket list things that ain't gonna happen.  But the one thing coming up before 70 is our trip up the Rhine, Danube and Main rivers in July.

7. Classic or modern films and why?

In all honesty, I see so few modern films, because of always being at the legitimate theater, that I'd have to go with classic films.  I suspect that if I were able to see more movies than I do, it would be a toss-up.  I do miss really good dramas, though.  Now movies seem to rely so much on action scenes and special effects.   No more Casablancas being made these days.

8. If you were a vampire who would be the first person you would bite?

Well, the temptation would be to choose one of the more odious politicians or broadcasters making headlines these days, but god, would YOU want to actually touch Rush Limbaugh, let alone bite him?

9. If you had the power to make one thing better, what would it be?

Only one?  That seems unfair!  If I had the power, I would give everybody a nice pill that would make enmeties between divergent groups disappear, make people care for and about one another (thus eliminating poverty, because we would truly care for our less fortunate brothers and sisters), end wars, and eradicate hunger worldwide.  How big would THAT pill be?

10. What makes a great blog?

It has to be literate (look up words if you don't know how to spell them), it has to have interesting content, it should be updated regularly so you don't go months between entries.  Stylistically, shorter paragraphs are more appealing than long blocks of text--find a way to break your diatribe up into smaller paragrahs.  And it doesn't hurt if you include some interesting photo now and then too.

11. What was the inspiration that brought your blog to the blogosphere?

Steve Schalchlin, the 5th person in the world to post an on-line journal (seriously!...it's in the internet history.  His first journal, Living in the Bonus Round, started in 1996, when everyone thought he was dying of AIDS).  I figured if Steve could do it, I could do it, and in March of 2000, I started writing Funny the World.  In 6 days I will celebrate my 12th journalversary.  Jim's Journal beats me for longevity, but I've written more entries than he has (4,376).   Jim and I have been at this so long we still refer to our writings as "journals" (though I do call the mirror site, AiryPersiflage a "blog.")

12. What easily ticks you off (puts you in a bad mood quickly)?

The evening news.

13. How many children do you have?

This is my very least favorite question.  I cringe whenever anybody asks it.   I usually say "we had five" and hope people don't notice my using the past tense. I have 3 living children and 2 dead children, but there is nothing more off-putting than saying that to someone in face to face conversation.

14. Is there anything you have ever regretted writing on your blog?

Yes.  I have written a couple of entries that have hurt people's feelings and I regret those.

15. What’s your favorite blog post you have written this year so far?

I'm glad it was only "this year," which means only 2-1/2 months worth of entries.  I'm not sure this is my favorite, but I do like entries where I make fun of myself.  Because it's so easy to do and so well-deserved...and I have a good time writing them.

16. Do you ever enter other bloggers competitions, and have you ever been lucky?

Not really.  I have entered contests where I have won, once some stationery and once a lovely necklace.  But writing competitions, no.  I am proud, however of my Legacy Hall of Fame Award, which I won in 2004 from Diarist.net, which no longer keeps lists of those awards around.

17. If you could be anyone else for the day, who would you choose and why?

Daphne Sheldrick, who runs an orphanage for elephants in Kenya.  I will never get to see it myself (and Peggy chose not to share her photos from there with me, when she visited), but if I could be Daphne, I could experience it first hand.

DSheldrick.jpg (48197 bytes)

18. If you could time travel to any period of history what era would you visit?
Preferably some era after the invention of indoor plumbing (not sure I could handle the smells of previous eras).

19. If you had to be genetically modified, would you rather have a third arm, a third leg, a second head or some other modification???

Good lord...I'm such a klutz with 2 arms and 2 legs I don't know how awful it would be to add a new appendage.  I'd like to be genetically modified so that I could eat whatever I want, yet remain at the ideal weight.

20. Which Disney character can you most relate to?

Dumbo, except that there are no crows around to teach me how to fly.


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