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13 June 2012

I made the last package of efood today.  This was a potato soup.

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There's not much new to say about it.  Same preparation--boil water, pour in mixture, whisk, simmer 15 minutes, let rest and serve.  Nothing could be easier.

The result was as enjoyable as the previous two meals.  It was thick and creamy with lots of small chunks of potato (about the size of carrot chunks in a frozen peas and carrots package).  There were also carrots and maybe something else that I didn't find.  I gussied it up with shredded cheese before serving, and made it the first course of our meal. 

Having now tried all three of the dinners that were sent to me, I can unhesitatingly recommend efood for those who want to keep a supply of this kind of meal on hand.  My favorite of the three was definitely the taco soup, but the other two were very good too, and perhaps tasted more like home made than many pre-packaged foods.

...but speaking of soup, I had more soup, for lunch this time.   I drove to the Bay Area to meet my blogging friend Wilma Scott at the home of our nonagenarian blogging friend Bill "Willy" Baker, who was celebrating his 98th birthday...and still blogging.  When I arrived at Bill's house, Wilma was in the kitchen stirring her famous clam chowder and putting Bill's cake together.

P1230934.jpg (65959 bytes)

When lunch was ready, Bill joined us and read his birthday card.

P1230935.jpg (70664 bytes)

We sat and ate our (delicious) soup and talked about Bill's inventions (see that green bucket to the right of his head?  That was the microwave cake baker he had invented last year; the clear plastic bucket to the left of his head is the updated version, which is clear so he can make sure that the baking cake rises evenly as it cooks).

Wilma has been a caterer, and I was a cake decorator, so we shared horror stories and laughed about them.  We talked about bloggers we have known and loved (and sometimes grieved) over the years.

When our soup was gone, Bill watched Wilma put the finishing touches on his birthday cake.

P1230938.jpg (72647 bytes)

It looked delicious as she served it.

P1230940.jpg (66815 bytes)

And it tasted delicious too!!

P1230943.jpg (73954 bytes)

It was hot outside and the kitchen was getting warm...

P1230945.jpg (58235 bytes)

...so we adjourned to the living room, where Wilma showed me the video of the magnificent teen age singers, Charlotte and Jonathan, who came in 2nd on Britain's Got Talent (beaten out by a dancing dog).  Do check out the videotape!

I was able to get on the road in time to get home ahead of rush hour traffic.  All in all, a lovely day and so nice to see Wilma and Bill again.  I'm so glad they invited me to be part of the week-long celebration!

(P.S.  Note in "This Day in My History" that I was at Bill's house last year on this date, to celebrate his 97th!)


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Happy 98th, Bill!



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