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2 June 2012

I was told several times in several places that today (June 1) was National Donut Day, so of course I felt Walt and I needed to celebrate.

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I actually debated about getting donuts, but in the end drove up to Fluffy Donuts ('cause walking there would have been too, you know, healthy).   As a connoisseur of donuts, I feel Fluffy has the best donuts in town.   Apparently a lot of people agree with me because it was a downright happening at Fluffy's, with people lined up out the door nearly to the parking lot...so many people showing up that they must have been busy churning them out, because all the donuts were still warm.

In the end, I was glad I'd gone because (a) I was part of a town happening, and (b) I got to have donuts for breakfast and use "National Donut Day" as my excuse.

While I was driving home, I was listening to Jack-FM on the radio and heard Ned singing one of his radio jingles, in which he rhymes "crappy" and "clappy." 

Later in the morning, I received an email from a friend in Orkney (Scotland), thanking me for a postcard I had sent her last week.  She asked what my Skype name was and told me to let her know when I was set up to Skype.  Well, I have been re-set up (I originaly got set up when Brianna was born) since I did a test run with our friend Dick in Santa Barbara last week, so I hit the "video call" button and next thing I knew, I was chatting with Sian face to face.  What fun!!  We chatted for 22 minutes.  Walt and I had visited her home one of the small Orkney islands several years ago (the weekend of 9/11, in fact), shortly after she had purchased her stone house and was about to start renovating it.  The renovations were complete several years ago, but we have not been back to Orkney since.  But with Skype and her iPad, she was able to give me a tour of her house and I could see out the window to the lighthouse which is right by her property (and about which I tease her unmercifully).

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(I'm afraid that with so many people I know having iPads I'm starting to covet one!)

In the afternoon, I "worked."  I had rented a copy of Kenneth Branagh's Henry V from Netflix and had downloaded a copy of the play on my Kindle.  I tried reading Henry V in book form at Logos, and ended up reading about San Francisco scandals instead because it was putting me to sleep.  I tried watching the movie and fell asleep before it had gotten 5 minutes into it.

I realized that the local production I am reviewing was coming up next weekend and knew that I had to prepare, at least a little bit, and I got the Kindle book and the video and started watching.  I could stop and rewind the video, if need be, and when I needed a reminder about historical aspects of the Battle of Agincourt, I put all on pause and came to my computer and read up on it.

What a fabulous idea!  A multi-media afternoon!

I. loved. it!

I am now all excited to see the whole production of Henry V, though I do wonder how they are going to do all those characters and a huge battle scene with a company of about eight people!  But at least I will know what is going on, know the speeches I am most interested in seeing, and wonder how the Davis Shakespeare Ensemble will do their own version of the play (since Branagh cut huge chunks out of the script.  That's another wonderful thing about technology.  When I got lost because Branagh had cut so much text, I paused the video and did a Kindle search for a unique word or phrase so I could catch up again.)

A day well spent...and now off to a birthday party for the guy who died last month, our chance to say goodbye to him.  He didn't want a funeral, or a memorial service, but a big party. He would have been 80 today, so this is the day for the party.


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My kid, and his other kid


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