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13 July 2012

I'm posting this before we leave for the airport.  Actually we are picking Char and Mike up and the four of us going together to the airport.  We fly to Frankfurt, where we change planes, and arrive in Prague around noon Prague time on the 12th.  Obviously there will be no time (or way) to write an entry, so this is just a place holder until I can write about our first day in the Czech Republic after we have settled in and spent the day fighting jet lag.

For a mini itinerary of the next two weeks (to make this a decent sized entry) here ya go:

July 12 Arrive Prague 1:05, transfer to Hilton Prague
July 13 Coach and walking tour of Prague.  Lobkowicz Palace visit.
July 14 Prague at leisure
July 15 Coach trip to Budapest, boardship, dinner on ship
July 16 Budapest tour in morning.   Horse farm tour in afternoon.   Welcome recetion and dinner in evening.  Depart during dinner.
July 17 arrive Bratislava during lunch.  Included Bratislavabus and walking tour or optional home hosted visit (don't know which we will choose yet...I'm leaning toward the home visit).  At leisure in Bratislava after dinner.
July 18 Vienna coach and walking tour in morning.  Optional Schonbrunn Palace tour in afternoon (depends on how my knees are doing by then).  Optional concert in evening (definitely!)
July 19 Cruising in morning.  Dock in Melk during lunch.  Melk Abbey tour in afternoon (I've heard this is spectacular).  Cruising in evening.
July 20 Passau tour with organ concert in morning.  Leisure time in Passau or optional Open-Air Museum tour in afternoon.
July 21 Regensburg walking tour in morning.  Leisure time until later afternoon departure.  (time for buying postcards!)
July 22 Arrive Nuremberg midday.  Included Nuremberg tour or optional World War II historical tour.  Some leisure time after the tours.
July 23 Main-Danube Canal cruising (16 locks) in morning.  Walking tour of Bamberg in afternoon.  Rejoin ship Hassfurt.  Depart during dinner.
July 24 Wurzburg tour in morning.  Optional excursion with lunch in Rothenburg (this is rated a level 3 -- the most strenuous -- so I will probably opt out of this)
July 25 Wertheim walking tour and leisure time in morning.  Cruising in afternoon.
July 26 Cruising in morning.  Marksburg Castle tour in afternoon.   Leisure time in Koblenz after dinner.
July 27 Cologne walking tour in the morning.  Leisure in the afternoon (I read there is a chocolate factory 200 yards from where the ship docks).  Optional Cologne Beer Culture visit after dinner.
July 28 Cruising in morning.  Kinderdijk windmill visit in the afternoon.   Captain's reception and farewell dinner
July 29 Leave Amsterdam 7 a.m. (which means we will have to leave the ship around 3 a.m.!  Arrive San Francisco 12:20 p.m.

So there ya have it.  I can hardly wait to fill in the blanks and get photos onto this journal!  See ya from Prague.


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