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8 July 2012

The night we got home from Santa Barbara, I didn't have anything not frozen to cook for dinner, so Walt went out and got Chinese food.  The chow mein was great, as were the pot stickers and rice, but I had to express surprise when I opened the carton that had this in it:

7Peppers.jpg (53330 bytes)

Walt hates both onions and green peppers.  He had ordered a chicken curry, having no idea that it came with so much of this other stuff he hated.  I love onions, but am lukewarm on peppers, so both of us have been trying to work around the "junk" in the dish...the dogs love peppers!

Anyway, The dinner also came with 4 fortune cookies, two of which we ate the first night, the other two of which were sitting on the counter this morning.   I had mine and an hour or so later, Walt opened his.  His fortune read:

7fortune.jpg (25033 bytes)

We both laughed since we had each been spending the morning trying to solve technical problems, trying desperately to understand!

For Walt, after spending an hour or so with several reference materials trying to get his new cell phone activated, he then spent 55 minutes on the phone with Verizon trying to get it all sorted out.  He is still trying to figure out how to sync his contact information with his computer, but he is gradually getting it all sorted out and set up the way he wants. Gotta have it all working right when we take off for Europe.  The nice thing about having smart phones is that while it will cost an arm and a leg to make phone calls, wifi is wifi and it should work just fine without additional cost for being half a world away from Davis.

As for me I had been trying to master some of the functions of Instagram.  I love this program,but there are some frustrations. For example, I took this wonderful picture of Lizzie this morning, to test out some of the editing functions:

Lizzie707.jpg (15246 bytes)

(I love the photo, BTW...so typically Lizzie, and I edited it so that just her eyes and nose are clear, with the rest of the photo somewhat blurred.)  In a perfect world. this photo is supposed to post easily to Facebook, in addition to posting to the Instagram album.  Only it didn't.  I had to go through all sorts of manipulations to get it to Facebook, and even then, it didn't indicate it was an instagram photo.  I've had this difficulty for the last few days and I had exhausted places to check.

I fired off an Facebook message to Susan (my Facebook friend from Texas, who visited Davis recently and went on the train trip with us). Susan posts instagram photos all the time and I figured she could help me.  She did give me a couple suggestions, but then suggested we do a Skype chat so she could actually show me what to do. She took a picture of herself to show me how to transfer it.  It was the perfect photo!

Susan707a.jpg (33475 bytes)

We giggled a lot about how she had managed to accidentally catch such a funny expression.

Susan707.jpg (19033 bytes)

We discovered that one problem is that she has an iPhone and I have an Android and what we see on our respective screens is different, but it still should work the same, if I could figure out the right settings.  I did change one thing and the next couple of photos posted to Facebook the way they should.  I hope I have solved the problem.

As I write this, I am still, off and on, trying to understand things in Instasgram and Walt is upstairs with his Droid for Dummies, trying to get his cell phone set up the way he wants.

Obviously Confucious knew what he was talking about and we, humble servants, have been obeying.



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