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The 99'er Meme: Part 2

6 February 2012

26) Are you happy with the person you've become?
Is anybody really?  I'm happy about some parts of who I am today, not happy about other parts of the today me.

27) What's a sound you hate; sound you love?
I hate the sound of a crashing car; I love the sound of the ocean.

28) What's your biggest "what if"?
What if I had not dropped out of college...?

29) Do you believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
I do believe in ghosts.  I wrote an article about a house full of them.  As for aliens, I think it is the height of self-centeredness to think that in this vast universe this little speck is the only place where there is intelligent life (and lately, I'm wondering about the "intelligent" part of that!)

30) Stick your right arm out; what do you touch first? Do the same with your left arm.
The right arm first touches a bucket where I keep all of my incoming, to-be-answered letters; my left arm touches my cell phone, on top of my desk.

31) Smell the air. What do you smell?
Brewing coffee.  Mmmmmm....

32) What's the worst place you have ever been to?
I'm not sure if I can remember "the" worst, but I'm sure it was on a camping trip with the Blackfords.

33) Choose: East Coast or West Coast?
I was born and raised in San Francisco and have never lived out of California, so I definitely choose the West Coast.

34) Most attractive singer of your opposite gender?
Placido Domingo

35) To you, what is the meaning of life?

36) Define: Art.
I can't define it, but I know it when I see it.

37) Do you believe in luck?
Yeah, I do.  Take me to any casino and have me gamble for a bit and I'll prove it.  I have zero luck!!!

38) Patriots or Giants? Or, who gives a rat's ass?
Don't really give a rat's ass, but if I have to choose, it would be Patriots, because (A) our daughter lives in Boston, and (B) the Giants beat the 49ers, and that's just not fair!

39) Will you watch the game? If yes, with who?
I will have it on; I doubt that I will watch much.

40) Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?
Yes, I drive.  I had an accident my first day of driving when I ran into the back of a parked car.  Later that year, I took off both right side doors on my parents car trying to drive into the yard of my high school.  Fortunately, nothing since then.

41) What was the last book you read?
"Talk to the Hand" by Lynne Truss

42) Do you like the smell of gasoline?
Love it!  Whenever I pump my own gas, I realize that I could easily become addicted to the stuff!

43) Do you have any nicknames?
Does "Mom" count?

44) What was the last movie you saw?
The latest "Sherlock Holmes" movie.

45) What's the worst injury you've ever had?
Flying over my bike handle, landing on my head, and dislocating my shoulder. My first and (so far) only trip in an ambulance.

46) Have you ever caught a butterfly?
I am ashamed that as a child, when on vacation in Sonoma County, I used to catch butterflies and pin them to a collection board and watch their wings flap until they died.  It never occurred to me that I might be causing them pain.

47) Do you have any obsessions right now?
Writing letters and post cards.

48) Do you go to church?
I left the Catholic church over many things, but primarily its treatment of gay Catholics and the nun and priest who created a gay ministry in San Francisco. Neither situation has changed and so many other terrible things make me glad that I made that choice.

49) Ever had a rumor spread about you?
Not that I've ever been aware of.

50) Do you believe in magic?
I've seen too many magicians and heard their tales of how they do their tricks to ever believe in magic.  I believe in magical moments, but not magician-magic.


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