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26 December 2012

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, I'll save you a lot of reading by mostly showing you how our Christmas went!  We got The Text from Tom that Lacie had just gone down for her nap, and that we should plan to come to their house anytime after 3.  To kill time, these guys played a game...

..while Olivia and I fooled around on our iPads.

At 3 we packed up our food (no I did not drop either pie!) and went to Tom and Laurel's.  Bri was there in the front patio to show us the new bike (with a bell) that Santa had brought her.

Santa also brought the girls a trampoline.

and Brianna was as excited as she looks in this picture.  In fact, at some point during the day I recalled the question from The Music Man where Harold Hill asks Tommy Djilas if he had ever done anything with perpetual motion and Tommy responds that he "almost had it a couple of times."  Clearly Tommy never studied Bri, who was a picture of perpetual motion all afternoon.

Santa had also brought walkie talkies, which seemed to work best when people were right next to each other...

..though when Walt and Norm got hold of them they stood there within sight of each other saying profound things like "can you hear me now?" and reminding me of what they must have been like when they were 10 years old or so.

Joe helped Bri build a house out of something that looked like gigantic tinker toys...

...while Tom kept Lacie busy outside.

The turkey got put into the deep fryer...

...and was delicious (very moist!)

Lacie took a milk break

The rest of us sat down to a wonderful dinner.

Joe had made the dressing, which was some of the best I'd ever had, which is saying something since I didn't think I liked cornbread dressing, but this was fabulous.

After dinner there were presents.

silly straw glasses

And yes, Walt fell asleep...

...but so did Joe...

All in all, a good time was had by all.


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