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24 December 2012

We spent the morning getting packed and getting the house ready for Jessica, who was going to come and take care of the dogs while we were gone.  We got on the road at about the time I hoped to. 

Unfortunately, the weather was not looking promising.

It's actually more rainy than this picture looks.  I was hoping that as we continued down the state, the rain would let up, but that was not to be!

Off and on, it was pretty much like this for the whole 8 hours.

We stopped at Mike & Char's, since it was right on the way, because Charlotte, wonderful Charlotte, had bought a Logitech keyboard for my iPad and it had just been delivered, so I was able to get it to bring with me here to Santa Barbara.

Back on the road again, down through Salinas heading for Gonzales for lunch.  Every time we leave Salinas and drive along the valley between the Gabilan Mountains and the Coast range I am reminded of Steinbeck's "East of Eden" and his wonderful description of the area.  It was what made me fall in love with that book, and what improved my writing whenever I was reading anything by Steinbeck.

Today the Coast Range had little wisps of fog rising out of it, like a toddler with curls just beginning to grow on a bald head.

It was nearly 3 when we arrived at the Burger Queen, and I smiled when I saw how it was tarted up for Christmas.

We got here around 7.  Everyone was over at Tom's watching the 49er game.  When we turned it on and saw the score, the Seahawks soundly trouncing the 9ers, we were just as glad that we were here and not sharing Tom's anguish.

My new iPad was the subject of much discussion.  Alice Nan said she didn't know I had gotten one because, as she frequently tells me, she doesn't read my journal, but Olivia knew and she was eager to try the new keyboard.

Of course, like all us computer geeks, she worked at adding apps and podcasts and I don't know what all, to make it like her iPad.  I can hardly wait to try all the new goodies.

But now I'm off to sleep.  It's been a long day.  Walt did all the driving.  I'm not sure how he is still awake....


Alice Nan & Joe's tree

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