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17 December 2012

Now that I'm getting a handle on "gluttony" (again), I engaged in another of the 7 deadly sins today:  sloth.  But when you pair the 7 deadly sins with the 7 virtues that the Catholic church teaches, what is paired with sloth is "diligence" and I suppose I engaged in that too. Maybe more diligence than sloth, actually.

Today I bonded with my new iPad.  I am learning how to tame it.   By the middle of the afternoon, when the battery was at about 50% (how nice it supposedly has a 10 hour battery life), I had done the following:

  • installed many apps...and played several new games
  • set up Facebook
  • figured out how to create albums in "Photos"
  • retrieved a photo from my computer and managed to get it ointo the iPad to use for wallpaper
  • edited (cropped) a great photo of Lizzie that I took with the iPad camera
  • watched a 1 hour TV show from Lifetime
  • figured out bookmarks in the Safari browser
  • downloaded the iPad manual from iBooks and flipped thru most of it
  • learned about file folders and bookmarks on the home screen (a great find!)
  • found a way to get my DCN mail on the iPod (gmail was easy, DCN is a bit more tricky)
  • set up a notebook page to record all my passwords, so I can remember them without having to come into the office and check the desktop
  • installed the Kindle app so that I can have the same books on my actual Kindle and on the iPad, so I can read at night in the car, and downloaded the book I am currently reading on the Kindle.
  • I'm trying to get a handle on Flipbook (which my sister-in-law Olivia swears by), and seem to be doing it
  • set up "Pocket" to save web pages to read off line (haven't quite mastered that yet)
  • accessed my Pinterest account
  • set up my browser to auto-fill in email and passwords, so I don't have to keep typing them over and over and over again.

I felt like God did on the 7th day -- I was ready to rest!

About the time the 49er game was about to start, I was ready to call a halt and plugged the iPad in to recharge while I got out my poor neglected Kindle to read during commercials.

Not a bad day for a new computer-ish thing.  The nice thing about the iPad is that it's not a computer, so I don't have to worry about doing the thing I hate most about a new computer--configuring all the software I use on the old computer.  I can't write a blog entry on the iPad (not the way I write them), I can't use Word Perfect.  

I told Walt that we were very smart not to get a 3G enabled iPad.   It is so easy to get caught up in what I am doing that if I were not on a wifi connection, I could rack up hundreds of dollars in charges without even blinking.

We watched the 49er game, after which Walt got a text from Tom saying he was exhausted.  Not surprising.  That second half was a nail biter from start to finish!

Then I watched the 2 hour finale of Survivor, one of my guilty pleasures.   Each year about the third week into it, I ask myself why I'm watching this stupid show, but by the end, I'm all eager to find out who gets the $1 million.  I usually have a favorite, but this year, I was happy with the 3 finalists and would have been happy whoever won.  The two who did not win seemed to be genuinely gracious about the winner and no hard feelings all around.

Then I watched the finale of Homeland, one of the best shows on TV.   You could tell from the peace and calm and quiet of the first half that the second half was going to have some sort of event that would blow you away, to end the first season.

And boy did it ever.  Don't know how long we have to wait before we see where things go from here, but it will be interesting.

I still have to get through the 2 hour Royal Pains wedding, but as it is already pushing 1 a.m., that may have to wait for tomorrow.

So I'm not sure if today was a day of diligence or a day of sloth...or maybe a healthy combination of the two. which is probably the best way of looking at it.

The bad news is that Bob may be taken back to the hospital tomorrow.  He has developed a fever, which I hope is something minor and is not going to be a set-back for him.


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Bri and Santa are old friends by now


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