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27 August 2012

Ned's friend Jon turned 50 recently and since he's a big BBQ guy, he received a big roasting box, big enough to roast a whole pig.

Ned's best friend Greg's birthday was earlier this month, and Ned's birthday was Saturday.  So Jon decided to bring his big roaster to Greg's house and roast a whole pig in honor of the two birthdays. The pig has been staying for the last couple of days in the refrigerator of Stone Soup Catering, owned by Sara Clanton and staffed by friends and relatives of Ned and Greg.

It was a combination swim party and BBQ and I was sorry I hadn't brought my bathing suit because the water looked so good.

PigPool.jpg (49538 bytes)

When we first got to the house, Ned introduced us to the hapless pig, quietly roasting under several pounds of hot coals.

pig.jpg (47723 bytes)

About the time we were leaving the pig area, our friend Glen was arriving. Glen's son was part of Lawsuit and Glen took all the photos of all those Lawsuit shows for ten years.  He and his wife Barbara came to almost as many shows as we did.   While Walt and I were in Europe, we received word that Barbara had died.  We knew she had cancer, but didn't realize that it was as bad as it apparently was.   Walt had just seen her and Glen at the supermarket the week before we left on our trip. 

We were so happy that Ned invited Glen to join us at the pig roast.   I think it was good for him to be around people--and he felt comfortable talk to us about Barbara's death because he knew we understood.

Soon it was time to release the pig and think about carving it.

carving.jpg (52141 bytes)

Food kept coming and coming out of the kitchen and everyone had their fill of everything.

piggroup.jpg (50253 bytes)

Since neither Ned nor Greg like cake, there were s'mores for dessert.

pigdessert.jpg (47009 bytes)

After dinner, I took a picture of the Ladies of Stone Soup catering.

pigSSWomen.jpg (53953 bytes)

Glen and I took our cameras to visit and photograph the sad pig carcass.

PigPic.jpg (48975 bytes)

We were home in time to feed the 3 dogs.  If I had thought about it, I would have packed up a little bag of pig to mix with their kibble, but, alas, I didn't think of it.

Tomorrow Phil heads back to Boston and Jeri will be taking the train to Santa Barbara the next day to spend some time with the So. California family.

PigLaugh.jpg (36971 bytes)

pigshirt.jpg (41509 bytes)

We love having them here each August, but the time always goes by so quickly!


pighead.jpg (67661 bytes)

At the end of the day, everyone had a great time...
except the pig.


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