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25 August 2012

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Happy Birthday, Ned!

I began yesterday by making my 41st blood donation at BloodSource.  

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I love going to BloodSource.  It's very near our house, it's like a big family when you're there. People remember your name and are so grateful that you've showed up.  Last time I donated, the place was empty...no other donors.   Yesterday it was full and people steadily coming in the frontdoor, which is so good to see.  They have a diary of sorts at the table where you get your snack afterwards, people recording how long they've been coming and why they donate blood.  I wrote something pithy and ended with "...but I miss the donuts."  BloodSource used to be located next door to a donut shop and they always had fresh donuts at the snack table.  For about a year after they moved into their plush new location, they continued to have fresh donuts.  But no more.  They have tons of choices, but I do miss the donuts!

As I feared, there was no word from the people who are holding our television hostage.  Sigh.

Jeri and Phil are in town and have been staying with my mother for the past 3 days, but arrived in Davis yesterday afternoon.  It's always "interesting" when the dogs are let into the house.  I let Polly in first, locking the other two outside for about half an hour.  That seemed to work well.   Polly barked and barked, but quickly calmed down and by the end of the night even let both Jeri and Phil pet her.  Amazing.

Jeri made friends with Sheila.

SheilaJeri.jpg (37351 bytes)

We had a taco dinner, which involved lots of bowls and lots of chopping, but was easy to put together as a do-it-yourself project. Fortunately, I had not planned anything that needed microwaving, because the microwave broke.  I fear we are going to have to go shopping for a new microwave.

By the time they left, I was very sleepy (probably from all that loss of blood!) and went right to sleep instead of writing this journal entry.  The fact that I slept until 6 a.m. (with my usual two wake-up times) says that I needed it.

Today I'm doing a Saturday stint at the book store.


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Kartudus (Tacos) with Phil and Jeri
(first formal dinner in the "new" living room)


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