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4 August 2012

Just because we haven't been in an airplane for...oh...days...Walt and I decided to fly to Boston.

Actually, that's not true.  It was a planned trip.  Jeri has done the orchestration for a new musical called Paragon Park, and since this is not an accomplishment we can hang on the refrigerator wall, we figured we'd best come to Boston and see it for ourselves.  We were lucky to get tickets.  They sold out before the show opened.

So once again we loaded our suitcases with a lot of the same stuff we had just taken out of them two days ago, got the house ready for the dog sitter, packed up the car, and headed to the airport.

We got to the airport and made it through security, which is about when I discovered that I had spilled breakfast or something on my shirt and it looked like I had pulled it out of the bottom of the laundry bag and let the dogs walk over it before I put it on.  I was mortified.  So I ducked into the ladies room and changed it for my ever-present Jello shirt, so I could at least look respectable in the airport.

We had time for lunch, so picked up a cheeseburger at Burgers and Brew.  Mine came with onion rings.

Our Southwest flight flew first to Phoenix where stepping off the air conditioned plane and into the walkway to the airport was like stepping into a sauna.  My friend Jeri (Jeri's godmother) lives in a mobile home park based outside of Phoenix.  I don't know how she does it.  It was all I could do to trudge to the air conditioned airport.  I think they said that the temperature was 110.

We got to our gate for the connecting flight to Boston, which had been delayed an hour, and found the last two seats available in the waiting area.  Suddenly I swear 100 more people crowded into the gate area.  I don't know where they came from, but pretty soon Southwest announced the people from our plane should move across the hall to another gate.

Both of the flights were full and the second, longer flight came with no food service, so Walt picked up a couple of sandwiches and a fruit salad for us to take on the plane.

The second plane was really cool because all the over head compartments had been decorated by kids.

I never did get the story why, but I thought it was fun.

At some point they brought around snacks, a big box filled with crackers, cookies, peanuts, and pretzels.  It was dinnertime and I guess that this was supposed to hold us until midnight when we arrived in Boston.  Fortunately we had our sandwiches.  The kids in front of us had pizza.

The flight seemed so long.  My legs got very restless and I had to squeeze down the aisles to the bathroom area, where I chatted with a nice flight attendant for awhile (I wish I had remembered to ask her about the overhead compartments).  But I listened to about 3 hours of my Diana Gabaldon book.  This is an 8 file book and I am working through file 5, so this helped a lot!

We arrived at Logan at midnight and as we were leaving the gate area (the only people left in this section of the airport), I had to stop and take a picture of Walt in the rocking chairs that are set up to watch the planes arrive and depart.

Something I might expect to find in So. Carolina or Georgia, but not Boston.  I liked it!

Jeri picked us up and brought us home.  It was midnight here, so only 9 p.m. California time, but we were all exhausted and went to bed immediately.  I managed to sleep through to 6:45 Boston time and am how writing this with two lovely fans blowing on me and the faithful dog, Lester (who used to be Tot when I was bottlefeeding her) lying in the hall, looking at me, her tail wagging steadily.

I am on Jeri & Phil's wifi network just fine and I'm all set up to design this page, but Firefox has gone nutso on me and I am going to have to reboot the computer to see if I can fix it.  With this laptop, I'm never sure how that is going to work....

Tonight we see Paragon Park.  I am very eager to do so!





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