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26 April 2012

First things first:  Happy Birthday, Jeri!!!  (that would be daughter Jeri, not the other Jeri)

Because of Will's death yesterday, I didn't write about my day on Tuesday.  I got up early and staggered around making blueberry muffins for breakfast.   Nice surprise for Walt.  But rather than being pleased, he reminded me that were meeting Jeri and Phil (the other Jeri  and Phil) at Ciocolat at 9 a.m.   I had only made the arrangements a couple of days before, but had not written it down on my calendar so of course I forgot immediately.  Thank goodness Walt still remembers things!

I put the muffins in a plastic container to put away for later and we went off to meet Jeri and Phil.

I must say here that we have paid a price for having dogs.  For one thing there is no seating available for anybody but the two of us in the family room, because of the big treadmill and huge dog crate as well as a dog bed.  As for the living room, not only is not not back to normal after the installation of the Pergo, but it has become one gigantic dog bed, with furniture covered with dog hair and the dogs having taken over the couch to check out the window.  (They graciously let me share their bed at night...in fact, they insist on it.)

You can't lock the dogs outside because they bark and annoy the crabby neighbor, and Lizzie leaps at the door continually.  If you let them in the house Polly won't stop barking at the (to her) strangers.  It could be said that I should change things around here to make it more people-centric rather than dog-centric, but almost no one ever comes to visit and it's just not worth the effort for one or two days a year.  Yes, life would be easier if I were a better dog trainer, but 99% of the time, it's not really an issue.  But when someone like Jeri (not my daughter) calls to say they want to come and see us, then I feel guilty suggesting we meet at a restaurant instead of inviting them to the house.

But Ciocolat is a great place to meet.  We sat on the porch and looked out over Central Park and the new bike museum (formerly the Teen Center)

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In the afternoon, I worked at Logos.  Walt had a meeting to go to at 1:30, so he had to drop me off early.  I thought I would just go to the store early, but I decided to follow a sign to a tea shop behind the book store which I had never seen before.  What a delight!  The shop itself was small, cramped and hot with a choice of about 50 different types of teas (knowing nothing about tea, I chose an Earl Gray).  I sat out on the patio and enjoyed the sun, the cool breeze, the tea and the book I was reading on my Kindle.

425sm.jpg (113526 bytes)

I tried two different books from the store shelves to read on my day at Logos.  But somehow, with thoughts of Will on my mind, I couldn't settle in to read either of them, so I gave in and took one of the bargain books off the table, a David Baldacci I hadn't read yet.  At >600 pages, I knew I couldn't finish it at the store, but I just bought it ($1) and hope to finish it this week, since it's very good.

It was a pretty quiet day at the store.  I don't think I sold even $50 worth of stuff, but I did take in four boxes of donated books, so maybe it was a wash.

Walt picked me up at the appointed time, we had leftovers (and HUGE artichokes) for dinner...

424sm.jpg (135315 bytes)
(artichokes are God's way of telling you it's OK to eat mayonnaise)

...and spent the evening watching the results show of Dancing with the Stars.

And that is how I spent yesterday!


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Lacie, 7 mos.



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