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17 April 2012

Last night was not the best I've had!  When we got home from having dinner with Tom and family, I realized I was totally exhausted.  I just wanted to get my journal entry written and sleep.  I knew it was a mistake to go to sleep at 9:30, but I just couldn't keep my eyes opened.  Walt and Alice Nan were in the family room sitting on my bed (the couch) going over business stuff with their mother's estate and I didn't want to bother them, so I settled into the couch in the living room, which, despite all the warning about how uncomfortable, really wasn't bad.

The problem was that my blanket was in the family room.  I settled into the couch and kept thinking I should get up and get the blanket but I just didn't have enough energy.  I feel asleep, sure that someone would cover me when they realized I was asleep, but nobody did.  I finally staggered into the other room when I woke up around 11 or so.  Walt was in there but I was so still-sleeping that I barely talked to him, just grabbed the blanket, and went back to sleep--immediately--on "my" bed.

Everyone else went to bed.  The lights went off.

And, as I predicted. at 2 a.m., I was wide awake, having now slept nearly 5 hours, or what is often a full night of sleep for me.  I lay there for half an hour but was wide-wide awake, so got up and piddled around on the computer for a couple of hours.  I got all the best of the photos from the weekend posted to FaceBook and to Flicker.

I finally went back to the couch at 4, hoping I could get in another couple of hours of sleep.  At 5:15, I was still wide awake, so I got my itouch and earphones and listened to my Diana Gabaldon book for awhile. I had just fallen asleep when Alice Nan was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready so she could head off to work.  (I knew I had only been asleep for a couple of minutes because I went back to see how far in the book I had missed and it was just a page or so).

So when we got in the car to head out, I knew I was really sleepy.

We stopped first at KMart to get some over-the-glasses sunglasses for me.  I got into the car and realized I had left the iTouch sitting where the sun shined on it and it looked like it had burned a big splotch in the middle of the screen.  I remember something like that happening years ago and it eventually cleared itself up, so I hoped that this would happen again this time.

We started on the road, continuing our David Baldacci book, "True Blue."  I wouldn't say this is the best Baldacci, but I finally decided that though it is a serious thriller it would make a great "caper" movie with someone like Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase (or younger versions of them!). 

We stopped at In-N-Out Burger in Kettleman City and I dutifully checked in on FourSquare (which, now that I have a smart phone, I am enjoying doing.  Totally pointless, of course, but I try to check in whenever I remember.  This was the photo I included with this check-in.

InNOut.jpg (23285 bytes)
(I know--can you stand the excitement?)

I took over the driving to give Walt a rest and David Baldacci's words kept us going.  It's an interesting situation when we take turns nodding off because we would miss crucial points of the story and have to fill the other one in on what they had missed.

All the way up the valley, I kept checking the iTouch, hoping that the big blotch had corrected itself, but it had not.  I decided that I could live with it that way.  The only thing I need the screen for is to choose what I'm going to play and really it was only a cosmetic issue.

We stopped for gas in Santa Nella and switched drivers again. After we got underway, I once more checked the iTouch screen.  The splotch seemed darker now and it was difficult to read what was under it, so I took off my sunglasses to check and...whaddya know!  There was no splotch at all.  It was the polarizing sunglasses reacting to the screen that made it look like a splotch.  I was very happy to discover that (and felt not a little stupid for it!)

We were home in plenty of time for Jeopardy.   The dogs were ecstatic to see us, and now we are settled in watching Dancing with the Stars.  It was a short but very sweet trip.


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