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7 November, 2011

These are the sorts of memories firmly embedded in my brain, or so I learned at the Dementia Workshop!

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Hours of playing hop scotch.
MemCats.jpg (30006 bytes) We loved to play Cats Cradle.  I was pretty good at the basics, but couldn't do the more complicated exchanges.
MemBlack.jpg (42663 bytes) "The Black Stallion" is the first novel I remember reading by myself, recommended by my friend Stephen Calegari.  I became an instant fan of Walter Farley and his horses.  I still have a soft spot in my heart for that book.
MemPig.jpg (10450 bytes) I had a very good relationship with this guy.  My mother kept it filled with cookies, usually chocolate chip.  My challenge was always to be able to lift the head, take a cookie, and replace the head without making any noise.  I got pretty good at doing it!
MemCrusade.jpg (33989 bytes) We were such fans of Crusader Rabbit!
MemBadge.jpg (40948 bytes) I was a Girl Scout and passionate about earning badges.  I can't remember any of the badges I earned now, but I constantly poured over my handbook to find badges that I could work toward earning.
MemJack.jpg (28805 bytes) We loved to play jacks--and my mother was better at it than either my sister or me.  I loved getting down on the floor and playing jacks with her!
MemStoryB.jpg (23470 bytes) These are Story Book dolls.  I had a set of about 8 of them, but I wasn't allowed to touch them.  My father made boxes for them and they hung on the wall of our bedroom as decoration.  I guess they were given away after I left home.   I don't remember ever having a say in what happened to them.
MemCream.jpg (33097 bytes) For special occasions, my mother made a chocolate cream roll--cake filled with real whipped cream and topped with bittersweet chocolate frosting.  Haven't had a taste of this in decades.
MemCamera.jpg (28688 bytes) My first camera.  I was 10.  The rest is history!
MemSkates.jpg (20176 bytes) I loved roller skating and longed for shoe skates, but they were just too expensive, so I wore these strap ons, with the skate key to tighten the grip on my shoes.
MemType.jpg (35983 bytes) I learned to type on a machine like this and, again, the rest is history!




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