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11 March 2011

They say deaths come in 3s, don't they?  First there was Alice's death and her beautiful memorial Mass.  Then there was Brendan's death and the memorial party which will be held later this month.  Today I got the word that another beloved member of our family appears to be terminal and the end will come very soon.

Our insurance agent has determined that our car is probably not fixable and we are going to have to go car shopping.  My beloved Honda is dying before my very eyes and I am powerless (save paying more money than I want to pay) to repair it.

Some people would be thrilled at the idea of going car shopping with insurance blessing (though obviously what they will give us for the car will not nearly cover the cost of a new/used car).  I am not a person  who makes change easily.  It takes me time to bond with new things...I wear shoes for years before they feel like...well...an old shoe.  I only buy new shoes when the old ones have nearly fallen apart.  I don't jump for joy at the excuse to go out and buy shoes.

And it's like that with cars.  The Honda fits me.   It's comfortable.  I know its quirks.  I have spent many, many hours in that car and traveled up and down the state many, many times.  I was unhappy when we had to go shopping for a new car, but our Toyota Camry had been stolen and the insurance adjuster advised, when it was finally recovered, that we should take the money and get a new car because who knew what the joy-riding teens who stole the Camry had done to it.

So we went out looking for a new Camry and by accident happened to find the Honda.  I liked it, but I didn't love it.  I don't know how long it took for me to begin to love it, but it took awhile. 

Now it appears to be dying.  Pieces of its body are being stripped off the car even as I sit here writing this. 

Walt unloaded everything from the trunk, glove compartment and car and came home with a new Nissan hatchback as our rental car.  We are resigned to having to get a new car and Walt is now starting to think about what kind we want (he likes the idea of the hatchback for ease of carting large boxes around.

I was interrupted in writing this entry by the news of the Japan earthquake.   The largest earthquake I have felt was 5.6.  I can't even imagine an 8.9.   I sat here watching the tsunami in the north-east part of Japan, trying to remember where exactly our two Japanese "daughters" live.  I have lost contact with them.

As of what we were reading at midnight there have been 17 aftershocks, ranging in size from 5.6 to 7.9 over the last two and a half hours.

Twitter is all a-twitter with tweets about the earthquake, and also with complaints about the CNN reporter who, apparently, made jokes about the earthquake.   I had listened to CNN for a long time and didn't hear anything non-professional, so I'm not sure what they were talking about

My heart went out to those people living in the tsunami area, watching that moving water just ripping up homes and sending them crashing into each other, into bridges, into large warehouses.  I watched boats being crushed under bridges and cars floating so fast they might have been motorboats.  I shuddered to think of the people who might have been caught unawares.  I watched the water rapidly approaching a road that was clogged with cars, apparently trying to get out of the way of the water.

Looking at the tsunami map it appears that most of the world is going to be feeling the effects of the water.  The entire west coast of the United States is under tsunami watch (though by the time it gets here, the destructive forces will probably be lessened).

Char's husband Mike used to head the Tsunami Warning Station in Honolulu.  He kept us safe from tsunamis all those years and we have now have had two destructive tsunamis since he retired.



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This is our rental car.  I think it's a Nissan.
Walt is liking the hatchback.



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