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9 March 2011

We were finally on our way.  We had gone through the last several hour Baurs, the car was packed and we were headed for the freeway.  And then, as Walt stopped to allow approaching cars to pass before he completed his right turn, we were rear-ended by the car who wasn't watching Walt as he stopped.  Fortunately nobody was hurt, but our poor car is all smashed in and Walt had to climb into the trunk from the inside of the car to tie the trunk lid shut.

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We held up traffic while waiting for the police.  Actually cars could squeak past us, but this truck driver was very angry that the woman in the car that hit us refused to move her car until the police arrived because there was NO way he could get past the two cars.

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Finally the police arrived, had us move the cars and then there was the report to be written.

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Up until that time it had been a lovely day.  We went over to Tom's and spent an hour or so with Bri.  Walt and I were out on the patio with her when her babysitter came out to check on us and Bri looked at her and said, "I'd like some privacy, please."  So the babysitter went back in the house and the three of us had our privacy.  Silly girl.

Grandpa and Bri played frisbee...

Frisbee1.jpg (50830 bytes)

...until Grandpa accidentally threw the frisbee up on the roof and Aunt Jeri had to climb up and get it because she didn't want Grandpa falling off a ladder again.

Frisbee2.jpg (51301 bytes)

When Bri and the babysitter went to the park, the rest of us went to Original Sambo's restaurant on the Santa Barbara beach and had the best brunch, including a ceremonial "short stack" which we all shared and again toasted Grandma with (she always referred to Phil as "Short stack")

We returned to Tom's (Bri wasn't back yet) and Jeri played "Amazing Grace" out on the patio for Alice Nan, who wanted to hear it again.   Then we left Jeri and Phil there, getting packed to leave for the airport and their flight back to Boston, and we went back to Alice Nan's to pack up our stuff and start the long drive home.

Which takes us back to our accident.

The other thing that happened on the way home was that we received the news that one of Ned's good friends, Brendan, had died.  Apparently he went to the doctor because he didn't feel well, was hospitalized and died the same day.  Ned doesn't know of what yet.  Such sad news.  He was Ned's age, and a sweet guy and I am very saddened by his passing.

Enough with the DEATH for awhile, God, OK???


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Short Stack!



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