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June 24, 2011

I'm going off to my mother's today, and don't know when I'll post the next entry--probably tomorrow afternoon. She is not feeling well and wants to see the doctor.  For her to say "I'm not feeling well and think I should go to the doctor" is huge. She's the person who wants to wait until she feel better so she doesn't bother the doctor. She's the one who has to be dragged to the doctor. For her to ask to go to the doctor scares me. 

She invited me to spend the night after her appointment, and I think I'm going to do that.  Just to make sure she's OK in the morning, following whatever the doctor suggests she do.

But while we're waiting to see the doctor, there is an update on her scam.

I didn't realize that she was playing along with Faux Tom for a couple of days after she realized that it was a scam.  He has been calling her to see if his check arrived yet.  He finally called this morning and she told him that she knew he wasn't Tom, that she had talked to Tom and that she had called the police to file a report.  She told him he should be worried because the police have his phone number and will probably be calling him.  According to her report, he got petulant and said he was going to get the telephone book and call his real grandma, who would surely help him.

She was tickled about this little game she's been playing. I was less so. Somehow making fun of a guy who is trying to cheat you, i.e., a criminal, may not be the very best idea in the world.

Maybe I watch too many crime dramas, but she can't conceive of this not being a young kid who somehow got her phone number. Since she refuses to listen to anything about technology these days, she doesn't know about computers, about hacking into bank accounts, about disposable cell phones and all the tools of the trade that bad guys can use these days.

What worries me is that her little fun at this creep's expense may backfire on her in some way, but there is no point in scaring her.  I just hope that this is finally the end of it. 

I was happy that she had actually called the police.  I didn't think she would, so I had spoken with the police in her town yesterday and was told there was nothing they could do unless she was actually a victim.   But apparently they did come out and talk with her. And who knows...maybe they can trace this guy through his telephone number (but I ain't holding my breath about that.)

(She may still, in fact, be a victim of sorts.   She was only able to offer to help faux Tom because stock, which had plummeted in recent years, had a big come-back and she actually had the money to lend to him...but it would involve paying a hefty capital gains tax.  She is still waiting to hear if her broker was able to reverse the sale in time.)

And I also hope that when she is feeling better again and we meet with the manager of her bank and file a police report on the scam that she has been the victim of for the last year and a half, and after we institute some safety measures in her house she might finally be ride of this current round of creeps.

There is also an update on Polly too.  After avoiding me for a day and a half, she has finally decided to forgive me and allow herself to cuddle with me again.  She has also decided to let me feed her again.

Nice Polly.

Funny, though, if I sit in Walt's recliner (where I sat while she had the leash on), she will get up in my lap, but she is extremely wary.  She doesn't cuddle up.  Her eyes dart around, she watches me warily and if I move my hand somewhere that she doesn't think is a good idea (like toward the table at my left to pick up the TV remote), she leaps off immediately.

However, if I settle into MY recliner, she leaps up, backs into my armpit again, curls into a ball, puts her head on my chest and relaxes.

Such a weird dog.

So hold the good thought today, that my mother's current malaise is minor and that there are no armed criminals waiting for us when we return from the doctor's office.  (Yes. I am a drama queen.)


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