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30 July, 2011

It is a little after midnight and the house is quiet.  Lynn and the three little dogs (2 pomeranians and a poodle) have gone upstairs to bed.  I'm sitting here surrounded by fans blowing cool air on me.  The temperature here tonight was in the mid-70s.  I could learn to love San Diego!

I had a late afternoon flight, since Lynn had to work.  Walt took me to the airport around 3p.m. and we remarked on how strange it was for him to be dropping me off at the airport, since it's usually the other way.

It wasn't all that long a wait before the plane (which had landed early) began boarding passengers.  I was able to get the window seat in the third row, which pleased me very much.

The flight seemed to...well...fly by.  Before I knew it, the coast off San Diego was coming into view.

(please note those white things are CLOUDS, which means CLOUD COVER which means COOL TEMPERATURES!!  As it is predicted to be 100 in Davis today, even the TSA woman in Sacramento told me she was jealous of my being able to fly to San Diego!)

Lynn met me as I came through the screening area and we loaded my stuff in the car and headed for Seaport Village, where we had reservations for dinner.  We were early, so we wandered around the gift shops.  Lynn bought some ceramic mushrooms for her yard, I took pictures of a delightful carousel, which originally dated from 1895

The animals were all beautifully restored and it made me want to be a kid again!

The Village was really fun to walk around.  Most of the street vendors and performers had left, but I loved this woman interacting with a little girl.  So sweet!

And this guy was there with several birds.

We ate at the Harbor House, right near the bay.

We ate upstairs and had a wonderful view of the water, while we enjoyed our crab cakes, mojito, and Australian lamb chops.  All were amazing, as was the view.

We stopped at a gourmet cupcake shop to pick up a couple of cupcakes for dessert, then came home to walk the dogs, have another glass of wine, eat our cupcakes and chat.

I could get used to this!


11 year old Chloe (finishing Lynn's cupcake)
is definitely the alpha dog around here.


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