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4 July, 2011

Winters is a small town (less than 7,000 people) some 13-14 miles from Davis.  As you leave Davis, you pass through an avenue of walnut trees...

WalnutTrees.jpg (67709 bytes)

...and then out into the farmland for the rest of the ride to Winters.  It's a popular destination for bikers, who decide to ride out to have breakfast at the Putah Creek Cafe, a location which came into some prominence lately when it was featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  Several of our friends in Davis make it a regular kind of thing, driving out to the Putah Creek Cafe for Sunday breakfast.

In my biking days, nearly ten years ago, Cindy an I made that ride once.  It was a triumphant day for me.  I had long thought of biking out to Winters, but never thought I could handle the nearly 30 miles round trip.

We hadn't planned to go to Winters, but when we got to the place where the road splits and heads off in the direction of Winters...

ForkInRd.jpg (58607 bytes)

...Cindy asked me if I wanted to go the whole way, and I said yes.  And so we actually made it to the Putah Creek Cafe, only since I hadn't planned on it, I had neither my bike lock nor any money with me, so Cindy went in and got some oatmeal for us and we ate it sitting outside, guarding the bikes.

Afterwards, I suggested to Walt that we go out there for breakfast some time.  It was always one of those things that we were going to do "someday."

In 2008, Walt's friends Jim and Ann came to town.   I was going to give them a tour of SF and we were going to start with lunch.   Walt was in Santa Barbara with his mother when they arrived, so it was just the three of us.  Naturally, I took them to the Putah Creek Cafe.

AnnJimCopy.jpg (41577 bytes)

They loved it. 

I kept suggesting that Walt and I go out there some Sunday, but somehow it never happened.  Today, I finally decided was the day. 

The car headed out into the farmland and began to pass clumps of bike riders, all headed in the direction of Winters.

WintersBikers.jpg (35376 bytes)

Beyond the fork in the road, bikers crossed over the famous Stevenson Bridge, that graffiti covered landmark over Putah Creek....

WintersBridge.jpg (66951 bytes)

...through the countryside which seemed to salute the approaching bikers...

WintersBike.jpg (43331 bytes)

...until finally the sign for the town came into view.

WintersSign.jpg (70700 bytes)

Winters has that lovely little middle America feel.   There is a nice park with a covered, whitewashed bandstand, benches to lounge on, brick on the streets...and there was the Putah Creek Cafe.

WintersCafe.jpg (43573 bytes)

The cafe was subtly ready for the upcoming 4th of July holiday.

WintersFlag.jpg (52793 bytes)

They set me right up with all the necessary items...

WintersOJ.jpg (50841 bytes)

The cafe is famous for comfort food and the selections are few in each category.  I chose a California omelet, which came positively loaded with Monterey Jack cheese, what must have been at least a half, if not a whole avocado, lots of chopped bacon.  Nothing skimpy about the amounts. It arrived smothered in a buttery goodness and was fabulous.

WintersOmelet.jpg (44969 bytes)

It was worth the 13 mile drive and I feel finally fulfilled ... but I'd like to go back again some day.

On the way home, I passed by the old train bridge.

WintersTrain.jpg (62400 bytes)

If we go back again, I'd like to take a walk and investigate the bridge and perhaps walk around more of the town.

This week's Sunday Stealing


WintersSunflowers.jpg (64573 bytes)

The first field of sunflowers I've seen this year


echo.jpg (1435 bytes)

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