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27 January 2011

cuppa.jpg (51408 bytes)I'm basically a dog-in-the-lap, puppy poop, dog hair on my clothes kinda person.  I'm not the kind of person who dressed up and hosts or goes to tea parties.

It's not that I don't like them.  It's just not the sort of thing that is usually part of my social activites.  I don't even attend virtual tea parties on line -- our CompuServe group has had them, but my brain can't go there in fantasy, so I usually skip them.  But, as I said, it's not for not liking tea parties (lots of sweet food...what's not to like?).  I still remember with great fondness "high tea" with the cousins in Petaluma and with my friend Mary in Sacramento (as well as a nice high tea at Kew Gardens in the UK and at Harrods with my mother).

So it was actually very nice to go to a tea party today.  But first there was lunch.

After postponing it two weeks because of her flu,  my friend Ruth and I finally got together for lunch today.  The article about her had been published yesterday, so she was very happy about it and even treated me to lunch as a thank you. 

At 3, I had been invited to join others in celebrating the 80th birthday of my Scrabble buddy, Joan, held at the home of one of her daughters.

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JoanKids.jpg (48371 bytes)

It was really lovely, as we settled in around the fireplace, in ever-changing groupings to chat with one another.

Teaguests.jpg (49446 bytes)

I knew many of the women there, from different groups, but I was particularly happy to see the two other members of our apparently defunct writing group, Nancy and Peggy.

NancyPeggy.jpg (47325 bytes)

There were also several people I knew from the Davis Comic Opera Company and from PTA days.  And, as usual when I attend a gathering like this, a guy came up to say that he used to love reading my stuff in the newspaper, but was sad that I hadn't written anything lately.  I laughed told him that I was in the paper all the time, which he vehemently denied.  Then I asked him if he had read last night's paper.  He assured me he saw nothing by me in the paper.  Ruth's article only takes up the entire page, including a photo.  I suggested he go back and look at the paper.

He was, of course, referring to my letters to the editor, which I kind of cut back on when I became a critic.  Once in a great while I'll still write something, but my "stuff" is in the paper sometimes three times a week.   It's just not on the editorial page any more.

More satisfying was the woman who told me that she always reads my reviews.

But it was just a lovely event.  I sat there drinking delicious jasmine tea and eating finger sandwiches and cookies and not only talking with people I know well, but meeting other new people. 

Happy birthday, Joan--and thanks for including me in on the fun!


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