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16 January 2011

BIGMax.jpg (44591 bytes)Yes, that is Max, the teeny puppy I used to be able to hold in one hand.

I had to go to Trader Joe's this afternoon and Walt suggested we stop by Petco and see the puppies.

It's hard  to think of these mooses as "babies" any more!  I couldn't believe how big they were.

I'm not sure if Laverne recognized me, but Patty definitely did.   Which makes sense since she was the last to wean, and the one who spent the most time with me.  She wagged her tail a lot and licked me and then when I backed up and moved off to the left to let others get up front at the fence to look at them, she kept moving down to the left so she could keep her eyes on me and try to climb up the fence, just like she always did when she lived here.

Max was his usual blasť self.

BIGMaxsleep.jpg (42782 bytes)

Even when he woke up and we petted him, his attitude was "ho-hum...who are you again?"  But then that was how he behaved when he was here too.  Excitement is not in Max's vocabulary.

BIGMaxBIGPat.jpg (55533 bytes)
(Max and Patty)

While we were re-visiting the puppies, we also had some official business to take care of;

PollyAdopt.jpg (64784 bytes)

Yes, it's official.  She's ours.  I noticed wryly that her immunizations expired a week ago, so our first job with her is to take her to the vet and spend lots of money to get her up to date.  But since apparently after you foster a dog for a year, the SPCA will waive the adoption fee, it's not so bad.

I sure would like to know what it's like to be a dog, with that sensitive nose.  Lizzie has always "taken inventory" of wherever we've been when we get home sniffing and sniffing and sniffing our clothes, but my god, she followed me around the house and sat next to me for about 20 minutes after we got hom from Petco, trying to sort out all the smells!


PupTriptych.jpg (61998 bytes)

Patty, Max, Laverne


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