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1 January 2011

I did this recap for the last couple of years and thought I'd do it again...a year-end list of all the dogs who were with us in 2010.

PollySm.jpg (45050 bytes) Polly was the first foster to arrive in 2010, on January 1.  On January 1, 2011 she is still here.  I think every single day about adopting her.  When she is good, she is very, very good.  Unfortunately, when she is annoying, she is very, very annoying.
SpencerSm.jpg (37286 bytes) Spencer arrived just 2 weeks later.  The two dogs became great friends, but just got into too much trouble together, so Spencer was finally moved
pupssm.jpg (37496 bytes) I gave them names:  Star, Ozzie and Red.  They were at the shelter, and their bodies were cold when I picked them up, no more than 2 days old.  I tried to warm them up and get food into them, but they were just too little to survive and all 3 died within a day.  Red (whom I named because his mouth was bright red) was the last to die, and died lying on my chest, under a blanket.  At least he was warm, and could feel my heart beat.  That makes it easier for me to remember, though it's never easy to lose one of these little guys.
XenaSm.jpg (18893 bytes) Xena arrived with her two puppies, Itsy and Bitsy at the end of April.  She was a great Mom, but fiercely protective of the puppies and didn't like being around all these other dogs, so we eventually moved her and the pups.  The pups came back later for a few weeks.
EmmySm.jpg (27390 bytes) Emmy arrived May 7.  She was a demodex dog, who looked kind of moth-eaten when she arrived, but she responded well the medicine and was looking good in no time.  She was a sweetie.
ItsBitsSm.jpg (25030 bytes) Itsy and Bitsy returned at the end of May, after they had weaned.  It was fun having the puppies around, and without Mom here, they enjoyed playing with the other dogs.
BasilSm.jpg (23828 bytes) Basil was a 6 week old pit bull puppy, who came just the day before we left for Russia (but Ashley was dog-sitting, so that was OK).  I called him Basil because we were going to be at St. Basil's church soon.  He was gone by the time we returned from Russia.
CapSm.jpg (20678 bytes) Capuccino was another sweet little chihuahua, who arrived in July and who got along well with Polly, but her coloring made her desirable for adoption and she wasn't here long.  She found a great forever home!
ShilohSm.jpg (26154 bytes) Shiloh arrived August 7, at about 6 mos of age, with a broken leg, and became BFF with Polly.  He was here long enough to become part of the family and long enough that when he was finally adopted we could feel the difference it made in the house...much calmer!  He was really a sweetheart, but the longer he was here, the more oats he began to feel and had become a real handful
BellaSm.jpg (22414 bytes) Bella was really a beautiful Boston Bull Terrier (possibly purebred), who came in late August with her puppy, Buttercup.  Mom wasn't here all that long and was adopted quickly.  Buttercup stayed behind for awhile.
ButtercupSm.jpg (23118 bytes) We're not sure where Buttercup came from, since she looked NOTHING like her mother.  But she was a real sweetie.  She was with us until October.
Andrewssm.jpg (28279 bytes) And then, of course, there were the Andrews puppies, left to right Laverne, Patty and Max.  They've been gone 2 days, as of this writing...and yes, I miss them! 

I said I was going to take a little break from fostering...except for Polly, of course.  We'll see how long that resolve lasts!

And btw, if you're curious about PostCrossing, I've put up a blog about the cards I've received so far.   (Just because I don't have enough blogs already!)  There is a semi-permanent link to the site in the left column.


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