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27 February 2011

Poor Walt didn't exactly have an exciting birthday.

I slept a bit late and woke up not feeling 100% (not bad, but just some minor concerns), and I almost forgot it was his birthday, but did remember to wish him a happy birthday.

He reheated yesterday's leftover coffee for himself and took the newspaper and went back upstairs to bed while I sat in the recliner and kind of "recovered."  I eventually managed to make fresh coffee and I put his gift and card at his place on the kitchen table, but he was in and out of the family room all morning before he saw it.

The morning passed uneventfully.  I was at my desk most of the morning while Max sat at my feet eating my desk, as so many other dogs have in the past--Max is just big enough he might actually consume enough to cause the desk to be very unsteady, if he were to stay here more than just a couple of days.

MaxChew.jpg (34752 bytes)

At 11:45 it was time to take him up to Petco and while I was getting him out of the house, Miss Polly-I-am-afraid-of-everything decided to escape and went on a nice little jaunt smelling the flowers of all the house up the block until I finally got close enough to her that I was able to trick her into thinking I was going away from her and she ran into the driveway, where Walt caught her.  At one point she darted across our very busy street and then changed her mind and decided to run back right in the path of a car.  Fortunately he saw her.  Damn dog.

When we got to Patco, we discovered that Patty had NOT, as we thought, been adopted, but was there in a cage.  The two big puppies live in separate foster homes now and seemed happy to see each other again, though Max is quite a bit bigger than she is now.

MaxPat.jpg (46106 bytes)

After Max came home from Petco, Walt went to the store for milk and dog food, I gave him leftovers for dinner, and we went to see Guys and Dolls at Davis Musical Theatre Company, where we also saw a group of Davis Comic Opera Company (DCOC) friends in the audience.

The group was the same group we had seen the previous night at a small party for our friend Diane, sister of Ned's best friend, who was out here from Massachusetts with her new husband.  Phil and Lester were back in Massachusetts taking care of Diane's son Ag.

It was only two weeks ago that we had seen all the DCOC people at a concert.  Very nice to have a chance to visit again not once, but THREE times, as we hadn't seen them in a long time and they are some of our favorite people in Davis.

Walt got calls today from his sister, his brother, Jeri, Ned and Tom (who helped Bri sing Happy Birthday to Grandpa).  He wasn't here for the call from his mother, so he will talk with her tomorrow.

So the day was fairly low key, but when you turn 71, you probably can't take too much excitement anyway.

Tomorrow we're having brunch with Ned and going to a movie.

I'm married to a 71 year old man.  I never dreamed I'd be married to someone so old.  (And if I'm not careful, soon I'll be that old myself!)


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Diane and David from Massachusetts
(Some of the "big people"!)



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