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18 February 2011

It's nice to have the ability to be flexible.

I exected to be having crab at The Spinnaker in Sausalito today and enjoying a rousing several games of "65" in the afternoon.

Didn't happen.

Kathy wasn't feeling well so she canceled, but Peach said that she still wanted to go to my mother's for Cousins Day. She doesn't drive on the freeway, so her husband would drop her off here and I would drive.  I would also find something for lunch and dinner, since we had planned on lunch out and hors d'oeuvres for dinner.  Peach was bringing something to mix with champagne that my mother had for drinks.

Only it was raining.  And we only have one car.   And Walt had to go to work.  I couldn't see leaving him alone with no car and if Bob drove both of us to San Rafael, I would have no way to return in the morning.   So since Peach really wanted to go to my mother's, Bob would drive her down and I will probably drive down just for the day tomorrow, so my mother can have a birthday celebration with me.

So I stayed home with the dogs, which was nice because it gave me the opportunity to read the over 150 Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday.  Trust me, if you are feeling at all insecure, just have a Facebook birthday. 

I also had an instrumental message from Jeri on my cell phone, and Tom sent an adorable video (see left).  Blogger Mike Moon made a video of himself singing "happy birthday" to me.  My friend Michael Sugar sent a link to an I Love Lucy birthday party, which I'd never seen before.  Tsui, from the Davis Community Network sent a video of a parrot singing "happy birthday," Patti Roberts of the Sacramento News and Review sent a video of chipmunks singing "happy birthday" and Tom Sims, an old CompuServe friend, sent a video of Victor Borge playing "Happy Birthday" as only Borge could.

Bill Dahn, from our CompuServe group posted the qualities of those born on February 17:

If You Were Born Today you are a responsible, success-oriented, and driven person who rises to most any challenge that comes your way. Your staying power is tremendous, and others are generally in awe of your ability to overcome obstacles. Your professional life is extremely important to you. You need to be careful that your worldly a...mbitions don't take over your life. Others admire you for your cool and collected approach to the world, and although you enjoy this reputation, it can come at a price--you don't always open your heart to others and might feel alone even if you are surrounded by people. Famous people born today: Rene Russo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Michael Jordan, Denise Richards, Billie Joe Armstrong, Paris Hilton, Margaret Truman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Birthdays in the age of the internet are so much fun.  

Also, my friend Steve told his friend Marc (who had just wished me a happy birthday) to stop encouraging me, which I interpret to mean he doesn't think I should have another birthday. Harumph.

It was a rainy day today, at times pouring rain, which I like -- a nice birthday gift from Mother Nature to me, watching all those doggie toys turn soggy in the growing puddles on the back patio.  At least I didn't have to worry about the dogs barking at the back fence.  They didn't leave the house.

I watched "galah cam" from Australia for awhile and thought about the galahs I loved watching on our morning walks each day.

I checked on movies on TV and found Tom Hanks' Cast Away.  Perfect treadmill movie, so I climbed aboard and watched it.  It was raining outside, and raining in the movie and it was not a movie you could put on and have running in the background, as I do so often.  You had to watch the movie, so it helped the time pass while walking on the treadmill.

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Walt was gone all day and when he got home, I really didn't feel like going out to shop, so we had leftover soup for dinner and I made some cheese biscuits.

Tom called for a chat and Bri sang "Happy Birthday" to me again, from the bath tub

Tomorrow I'll head on down to my mother's and start celebrating all over again, but I'm ending the day on a quietly high note and isn't that a nice thing to say about a birthday?



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