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1 December, 2011

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Thank you, Mamawolf for awarding me the Your Blog is Great award (see left column). Apparently, I am a sassy woman blogger.  Kewl!  I am humbled. With the award comes responsibility.   I must

1.  Tell 7 things about myself
2.  Pass the award along to other deserving sassy women bloggers


1. I never wear makeup
2. I once ate durian.  It was not as wonderful as I'd heard.
3. I once went 20 years without seeing a dentist (fortunately no more!)
4. I feel at home in London (or at least did the last time we were there)
5. I've been drinking Peet's French Roast coffee for more than 30 years
6. I work for a newspaper, but I never read the newspaper
7. I sponsored my first child before Walt and I were married

And for sassy women I will pass this award on to:

Kari of Life of Wry
Marn of Marn's Big Adventure
Mary of Red Nose
Michelle of Blogging from the Boonies
Sian of Life on a Small Island
Harriet of l'empress
Murr of Murrmurrs


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