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29 April 2011

Yeah, Yeah...I'm one of those dumb people who plan to watch the Big Wedding live.   Despite the fact that I think all the hoopla leading up to it is absolutely ridiculous, it is history after all.  I watched Elizabeth's Coronation and Charles & Diana's wedding.  I sorta feel like part of the family.

So my plan is to stay up.  It starts at 1 a.m. here and lord knows how long I'll last.  To keep myself awake, I'm going to make scones, brew some tea, and sit here at the computer writing my review as it all happens.

Some blogger was trying to decide which station she wanted to watch it on, but that's a no brainer for me.  I've been with The Today Show since they were just dating, so how can I not watch the show with Matt, Meredith, Al and Ann?

12:45:  Scones are made.  I fell asleep during The Daily Show and woke up in the middle of Colbert.  Time to get serious about staying away for the wedding.

royalscones.jpg (173732 bytes)

Nothing happening on NBC yet, so I'm watching MSNBC.  It's like watching the red carpet at an awards show...with less cleavage and more hats.  Where is Joan Rivers when you need her?

HATSM.jpg (74262 bytes)Since you aren't supposed to attend the royal wedding without a hat, I thought I'd pull out my old Last Session cap and wear that. 

Needs more flowers, dontcha think?

(Actually that's a picture from 200...I've lost >25 lbs since that was taken.  I also have newer glasses.  But if I were to pull a hat out of my vast collection of 1, this would be what I would wear.  Good thing I didn't get a royal invite.)

Someone on MSNBC has just said it's a little over an hour before the wedding begins.  I guess I have a lot more time to kill before things get serious.

1 a.m. - Meredith and Matt are on now.  This is like watching the red carpet.  I so wish they would quit talking about Diana's funeral on this happy day for her son.  I do love how newspeople spend so much time guessing about what is going on.  Total speculation.  But it fills up air time.

I can't believe how many people are packed into Trafalgar square (they expect 20,000 people).  Where have all the pigeons gone?

Oh lord, it's going to be two hours before the wedding starts.  I'd better start drinking tea to keep me awake!

So the royal couple are going to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, the Earl and Countess of Strathearn and the Baron and Baroness of Carrickfergus.  It does sound kind of silly, doesn't it?  Especially the third one.

BluHat.jpg (6018 bytes)Someone on Twitter called this hat "a rare blue rose vagina fascinator."   Apparently there is a "hat watch" going on on Twitter.  Some comments:

I've seen a flying saucer and one of those snazzy rice farmer hats. In fuschia.

That blue fascinator looks like a shark fin stuck on her head

WHAT ON EARTH IS TARA WEARING?! It looks like a shoe horn

So many hats and not one sombrero.

I would normally not be on Twitter, but I took a Twitter class tonight and this seemed a good time to start checking it out and see what people are saying about the wedding.

2 a.m.  Time for a cup of tea

Tea.jpg (93964 bytes)

and a scone

sconescream.jpg (139917 bytes)

It's been so long since I've had tea to drink, I didnt realize that all I had was raspberry zinger.  Well, maybe it will keep me awake.  But more "stuff" is starting to happen.  Harry and William are leaving Clarence House and headed for the Abby.  William looks resplendent in his red uniform, at least from what I can see inside the limo.

3 a.m.  Got distracted by all the pageantry and just sat and watched everybody arriving.  Actually got kind of teary watching the queen and how she was received by the multitude on the streets. Catherine looks beautiful.  The flower girls were so cute and the overhead shots inside the abby were breathtaking.

- Of the opening hymn...why do they have everyone sing every verse, especially when NOBODY that they put the camera on (not even Elton John...not even the queen) seemed to be singing along.  I didn't see who lifted Kate's veil, or if she did it herself.

- Very sweet marriage ceremony...you have to kind of laugh at "with all my worldly goods, I thee endow." 

- Thank goodness NBC commentators (I don't know about other networks) have chosen NOT to interrupt anything inside Westminster. 

- I loved the smiles the bride and groom gave each other at various points in the sermon.

4:20 a.m. - they're parading back to Buckingham and I am finally starting to fight sleep. I'm going to hope I stay awake for that famous kiss on the balcony, but I'm not hopeful.  Going to post this, turn out the lights and climb under a chihuahua and get a little sleep.

It's been fun blogging the wedding.


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