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3 April 2011

If there is ever a word that Brianna has perfected, it's "why?"  She learns a lot, but a conversation can be exhausting, as she responds with every answer with another "why?"  I learned yesterday that if you can get your own "why?" in first, you can have some pretty interesting conversations, as she can go off on a tangent and create some pretty interesting stories.

Yesterday was the birthday party and it was just perfect.  A little disappointing for Laurel, who had expected 30 people, based on RSVPs, and had so few show up (probably because of the inclement weather), but it was just a very nice small group and the guest of honor was at the top of her game.

She spent a lot of time interacting with Uncle Norm, starting when the two of them watched ants crawl down a crack in the cement to, as Bri decided, "eat lobsters."

The kids, big and little, played in the bouncy house again.  (I decided that the reason Tom rents one each year is because HE likes playing in it!)  Bri liked bouncing with Grandpa.

She had a good time with her friends, Hudson and Scott.

And at some point she and Scott dressed up as king and queen, though I believe Bri was the king...not sure about that.  I'm sure Scott won't want these pictures shown around when he gets into high school!

In keeping with the Toy Story theme, Laurel had decorated cupcakes as several of the characters from the movie.

Her best friend and constant companion, Piggy, got his own special lady bug cake.

Later, Bri got a helmet to wear when she rides her Strider bike.  This is a new one for me.  It looks just like a bicycle, but has no pedals, so you sit on it and walk it around.  Apparently by the time she's old enough for a real bike, she will have the idea about how to sit and move on a bike.

Laurel had requested no gifts, but a few of us ignored that request, so late in the evening, Bri opened a few gifts.

She got a lot of books, so Uncle Norm read several of them to her.  This one is "Everybody Poops," which I bought at the sale at Borders the other day.  I knew Ned would want me to.

Bri was very attentive.

But I think this is my favorite picture of the night.

It was really a beautiful day.  Bri was in good spirits all day long and just a delight to watch.  When all the kids had left and we had eaten dinner, we went outside to release all the helium balloons into the air. "They're going up to Tutu," she said. At the end of the day, she went off to her new big girl bedroom...

...and we came back here to Alice Nan and Joe's.  I was so tired I collapsed and didn't wake up until 4 a.m., when I got up to write this entry.



It was a long day!



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