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23 September 2010

If variety is the spice of life, my October is going to smell like the spice vendor's stall at the farmers' market in Arles.

It actually starts next week, a couple of days before October, with my annual meeting with the head of Publicity for the university's Department of Theatre and Dance.  We get together at a cafe called Ciocolat.  She has coffee; I have coffee and a treat and we discuss the university's upcoming season and decide which productions sound interesting enough for a feature article.

The new Broadway Series opens that night with a show called "Burn the House," which I haven't heard of before, but which looks like it's a lively dance show.

Then comes something I have not exactly been looking forward to.  My dentist tells me that I need "gum scraping."  It is done in two sessions, each 2 hours.  I'm going to bring my iPod with me and listen to a book while it's being done.  I'm concentrating on lying there for 2 hours listening to a book and not what it's going to feel like, if not while it's being done (she's pretty good about numbing me up), but afterwards.  I figure the first session won't be bad, but I'll probably be less enthusiastic about going back the following week for Part 2.

We also have the birthday party for a 90 year old friend.   This is Arthur Sullivan, no relationship to Sir Arthur of Gilbert & Sullivan fame, though Arthur was an integral member of the Lamplighters tech crew for decades. He's such a sweetheart and has always reminded me of an overgrown leprechaun.

ArthurTriptych.jpg (52521 bytes)

Arthur's partner, Jim, is a retired surgeon and always throws wonderful parties, so I am looking forward to easing Arthur into this new decade.

Following Arthur's birthday is this year's PhotoShop Seminar in Sacramento.  I think this is the fourth one of these things that I will attend.   It's always pretty much over my head, and they are always using the latest version of PhotoShop, which I don't have, but each year I surprise myself by how much I actually do know.  I come home energized to try all sorts of new things, and generally don't.   But that knowledge is buried somewhere in my memory banks and at least I know what can be done and where to find out how to do it.

Shortly after that, we fly off to Washington, D.C. for Walt's cousin's daughter's wedding. 

KayleenSean.jpg (131610 bytes)

This is going to be a gala affair, with the reception held at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda.  Walt and his brother and sister grew up in Bethesda and so are arranging a gathering the day after the wedding so they can see as many of their friends in one place as possible. I'm hoping my friend Melody will come, but she didn't respond to my invitation, so...who knows...?

Ashley is excited about dog/house sitting for us this trip, now that we have wi fi.  I knew there was an important reason why we needed to get it for the house!

I'm also going to take a Twitter class (and see if the teacher has the same kind of computer/internet problems that I did with my blogging class!).   I've tried and tried with Twitter but just can't get into the swing of it.   Maybe I'll learn what I'm missing...especially now that we have wi fi in the house.

That's just for starters.  There are shows to be reviewed, and other stuff to be done, but this is more activity than I have in any given month.  I feel almost like my mother!



BtrcpBack.jpg (154117 bytes)

This is my (so far) favorite picture of Buttercup.
It's also how I sleep at night (see Polly in the upper right hand corner)

At night we are covered with a blanket, and Buttercup is on the outside of the blanket.



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