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21 September 2010

Oh lord, was it a bad afternoon!

The puppy has decided that she must join the "pack" and now that she doesn't eat me alive every time she gets into my lap, I've been letting her sleep in my lap at night with the other two little dogs and I guess I'm just not sleeping well at night. 

I was so exhausted after the matinee yesterday that I was falling asleep at 7 p.m.  I forced myself to stay up for awhile and then settled in to sleep, covered with dogs.  I desperately wanted to stretch out on the couch and I just couldn't bring myself to sleep on the couch that "he" had slept on the other night, so I slept under all the dogs after all.

This afternoon, I settled down to clear away some stuff on the DVR and fell into a deep sleep, riddled with dreams.

First I heard a commotion and went to the door to peek out, then I opened the door to find a large family in my driveway, the oldest man looking like my intruder of the other night, but older.  They seemed to be a foreign family.  Turkish, maybe.   They were there with a big truck and tools.  They had decided to clean up my house and yard.  Nobody would tell me why, or who they were, but I assumed it was to make up for the actions of the guy who broke in.  I tried to get the mother to tell me who they were, but she only smiled enigmatically.  I was spending all my time trying to keep them out of the house as they tried to slip through the back gate, opened the garage, and opened the front door which, surprisingly, didn't make the dogs run out.

I was relieved when Walt was suddenly home and we barricaded ourselves in the house, but the house was like a mansion with very tall white walls.  We locked a gold chain lock prominently placed on the front door.

Then the dream switched to the Capitol building in Washington,  DC, where I was taking a tour with friends.  There was Mary from the Netstock group, with her daughter (who is now a teenager, but who was a toddler in the dream), and my grammar school friends Lois and Maureen, my mother, and some other people.   I remember that I was wandering around what was like a rummage sale being held in the Capitol rotunda to demonstrate the downturn in the economy.

At some point I got lost from the group and kept trying to call my cousin Peach, who was apparently part of the group.  I finally caught up with them, and we all got on a bus together.  I took some photos, using my telephoto lens to take pictures of Lois and Maureen, with whom I had not yet spoken and they apparently became upset and disappeared.

Just before I woke up, I was trying to take a picture of Mary's little daughter.

I haven't had such vivid dreams in I can't tell you how long. 

While I was busy with my daymares, the puppy was busy with my cell phone, which I'd left on the table beside me, when I sat down to watch TV.

holder.jpg (84367 bytes)

I went out this afternoon to get a replacement cell phone holder at my local Verizon store and ran into a good deal.

Seems they are having a BOGO (buy one, get one free) sale, so if you buy an accessory, like a cell phone holder, you can get either a car charger or a charger for your house.  Only I don't need either of those things, so one guy suggested I get a second cell phone holder in case a puppy got to the new one, since it would be free.

So I left Verizon armed with two brand new cell phone holders, and the next time a puppy decides to teethe on the one I'm using I'm already all set.

Sometimes you wake up to good things.

(Incidentally, the video of the day was really recorded for the sound...it's what goes on here about once a day or so, whenever a siren sounds in the distance.)


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Red Sox game



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