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17 September 2010

This seems to be a busy week, for some reason or other.   Yesterday I met my friend Ruth for lunch at the local Chinese buffet.  Today I met my friend Kathy at the Olive Garden in Sacramento.  Ruth and I eat together every other Wednesday; Kathy and I eat together every month.  Sometimes the two lunch dates happen in the same week.

I like making the trip to Sacramento to meet Kathy because it means I get to listen to my audio book.  I'm slowly making my way through Diana Gabaldon's fourth book, which is something like a bazillion pages long in unabridged format.   It's actually six different files from Audible.com and I am now in the fifth file (each file is about 6-7+ hours long).  With a trip to my sister-in-law's birthday party this weekend and 2 hours of a dental procedure later this month (they tell me I can listen to the audio book while Cindy is scraping my gums), I should make big headway on file 5.

So anyway, we had a nice lunch.  If you remember back a month ago, Kathy stood me up at our last lunch (and I went to Red Lobster for crab instead).  I found out why today, and it is a good reason why I never fit in a corporate environment.  I won't say what the problem was but suffice it to say if you're going to make accusations against a supervisor, make sure it's not for something she has been honored for locally, state-wide, and nationally!  But the process of getting to the "nothing really happened" decision took two months and 30+ interviews.  That kind of corporate games playing just ain't for me.

I had thought of going shopping for clothes after lunch, so that maybe I can wear something new to the family wedding we are attending next month, rather than the same pants and top I wear whenever I need something fancy, but lunch didn't sit well in my stomach, so I just came home instead. 

I did make one stop en route to get up something for tomorrow, when something exciting is going to happen (I hope) which I won't be able to talk about until next week...but I can keep dropping tantalizing hints about it.

Knowing I had to review a show tonight, I decided I should take a nap (I've decided that I should take a nap before every evening show I need to review, whenever possible...I even nodded off recently in a show that I knew well and loved.  It's hell to get old.)  I slept through all of South Pacific, which I thought would be a good movie to have on in case I didn't go to sleep.  All the way from "Gonna Wash That Man right Out of MyHair" all the way to the final credits.

The nice thing about napping is that it's impossible to nap without three dogs in my lap, but since Buttercup has finally learned that laps are for cuddling and not for teething or fighting, she's pleasant to have with the group.   She and Shiloh have become such good friends that they sleep together in my lap, in Buttercup's cage, or on a pillow in the living room.  She was kind of funny, though, this afternoon as I watched her slowly slide off the end of the chair in her sleep.   What a rude awakening that must have been!

The show I was reviewing tonight was The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the University.  I remember reviewing it a few years ago and really enjoying it. 

spellingbee.jpg (96783 bytes)

Since Walt isn't home right now, I invited Ruth to join me and met her there.  It was a good production, but I didn't like the show as much as I had before.  I think it's because I was seeing it again.  It just gets boring, especially since it is done in 2 hours with no intermission.  Ruth agreed with me.

Tomorrow I'm reviewing an outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet, so I'd better have an extra-long nap, knowing how Shakespeare puts me to sleep!


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I had to laugh when Jeri sent me this picture.
Look at the Photo of the day from one year ago.
(I like last year's better)



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