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14 October 2010

My friend Ruth and I had an adventure today.

Some time ago, she read that author Michael Connelly was going to be signing copies of his new book, "Reversal" at a book store in Half Moon Bay, which is about a 3 hour drive from here.  She decided we should drive down there and get books signed.  I decided we should make a day of it.  (We later found out that this was his only book signing in No. California.)

Now, bear in mind that when I decided that driving to Half Moon Bay to meet an author would be a great idea, I hadn't thought through the fact that I would be on Washington DC time and would have just returned from a 5-day vacation.  I groaned a little when I got up this morning, but the groaning quickly stopped.

We went first to San Francisco.  Ruth had lived there many years ago, for a year, but didn't have a car at the time and so had never really seen much of the city.  I decided to give my tour.  We came in through Marin County, because the view of the Golden Gate Bridge on a day like today would be spectacular, and then we went out to the beach and back through the Golden Gate Park, before going to Twin Peaks for a city overlook.

RuthTwinPeaks.jpg (111203 bytes)

Then we made our way, over many hills, to my favorite restaurant, Green's, with that view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We had a fabulous lunch (we both had an open face sandwich with pears and cheese which was delicious) and couldn't resist the lure of the dessert menu.  I had a huckleberry cake with huckleberry ice cream while Ruth had a chocolate pound cake with whipped cream and berries.

RuthGreens.jpg (120877 bytes)

We did Lombard Street and Filbert Street and then plugged in Nigel (our GPS voice) and headed for Half Moon Bay, which wasn't as far away as I remembered it as being.  Connelly was scheduled to speak at 7 and we got there around 2:30!

RuthSign.jpg (132284 bytes)

It was too hot to sit in the car and there was no place to sit in the book store, so the clerk suggested we drive north a bit to Sam's Chowder House and she recommended their key lime pie.  So we headed off north and I turned when I saw the sign, but it was the wrong turn, merely a billboard.  However, if I hadn't turned, we would never have seen this cool house.

RuthHouse.jpg (126244 bytes)

We aren't completely sure what it is, but you can walk through the yard, and I had in mind the witch from Hansel and Gretel.  I was afraid we would be locked in.  But Ithink it is an artist's home and s/he just lets people wander around to see whatever is the current project.

We did eventually get to Sam's Chowder House, which had a wonderful view.  We thoroughly enjoyed watching a Laborador Retriever playing in the ocean, chasing sticks and balls.  Reminded me of Lester.  So full of joy!

RuthView.jpg (92579 bytes)

Ruth had a "cup" of clam chowder which we thought must surely be a bowl until we saw the bowl, which was big enough to feed a litter of piglets.   My crab cocktail, in comparison, was minuscule (and expensive), but tasty.

We lingered as long as we could, but we still got back to the book store way too early.  They were starting to set up, though, so they put out a couple of chairs for us, while they moved other things around and got ready for the onslaught of customers.

RuthStore.jpg (142412 bytes)

RuthBooks.jpg (157419 bytes)

As people began piling into the book store, "things" started happening.  A man passed around trays of cookies and cakes.

RuthCookies.jpg (116419 bytes)
(don't you love the pumpkin hat?)

And they also passed out rubber gavels as a promotional piece of swag for the book.

RuthGavel.jpg (90772 bytes)

Finally the man himself came in.

RuthMC.jpg (97191 bytes)

He was very nice, very articulate, and had that "rumpled author look."  He gave an overview of the new book and answered lots of questions, and finally signed books.

RuthWithMC.jpg (127308 bytes)

It was just a delightful event, a lovely day, lots of surprises, lots of incredible food, and best of all, I didn't fall asleep on the way home.  Now I have a big book to read!  I'm so glad Ruth had that idea!


ParkingPass.jpg (355767 bytes)

Look what I got!  (Only good for one day, tho)



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